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drylin linear technology

Our lubrication-free drylin linear systems use dry operation, which makes them maintenance-free and resistant to external influences. In addition, they run especially quietly thanks to the materials used and the special design involved. You can easily calculate the service life online in just a few steps.
Thanks to the personal choice of high-quality single parts, every linear system can be adapted to individual needs. Switching to a sliding system can reduce running operating costs and greatly improve technology, resulting in smooth operation and long service life.

Versatile and flexible linear systems

drylin W profile guides

profile guides

Offer a wide range of possible applications, as over 50 different profiles, linear plain bearings and linear carriages can be combined to create a ready-to-install system or a modular system.
low profile guides

Low-profile guides

drylin N low-profile guide systems are characterised by system heights of 6 to 12mm. This makes the aluminium rails with plastic carriages particularly suitable for applications in small installation spaces.
drylin T

Rail guides

Sliding instead of rolling – this is the principle the drylin T linear rail guide is based on. Regarding connector and hole dimensions, the drylin linear rails and linear carriages are identical to conventional recirculating ball bearing systems.

Round shaft guides

Shaft guides

drylin R linear bearings utilise special wear-resistant polymers that have been specially developed for the requirements of linear technology. The dimensions are compatible with standard ball bearings.

Square linear guides

Square guides

drylin Q square guides enable an extremely flexible design. There are various pillow block types, including solid plastic bearings and adjustable complete housings with and without manual clamp, which can be customised.
Telescopic rails

Telescopic rails

The telescopic slides consist of anodised aluminium guide rails and a sliding element made of iglidur high-performance plastics. This combination enables the telescopic rails to move quietly, hygienically and without lubrication.

Pre-load prism slide

Pre-load prism slides

The pre-load prism slides offer a choice of 4 preload classes and are therefore suitable for a wide range of applications. They can also be used in hygienic environments. The screw connection can be made from below or via threaded pins, which enables flexible installation.
Roller guide

Roller guide

Our roller bearings are cost-effective, cast iron housings. These enable up to 70% smoother running and easy, energy-efficient adjustment. They are also lubrication-free and quiet.

Measuring system NKV igus

Measuring systems

Suitable measuring systems have been developed for every application on the basis of profile, square and low-profile guide systems. Whether for particularly flat installation spaces, on a square profile or for the standard on a drylin W rail.


Linear technology online shop

Linear technology online shop
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New linear technology products

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Create your customised product with price and delivery time online with just a few clicks. The service life of the selected components is calculated for you in advance immediately.
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Linear technology samples

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Experience performance and efficiency in your application - request your free samples today and be inspired by the future of linear motion.

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Our solutions


FDA and EU-compliant

drylin linear guides are approved in accordance with FDA and EU directives and guarantee maximum safety for production process in the food, medical and bottling industries.

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econ series

All econ linear plain bearings and linear carriages are 100% lubrication and maintenance-free and are manufactured cost-effectively with the igus injection moulding process. This saves time and costs compared to mechanical milling, especially in high-volume production.
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Small installation spaces

Lubrication-free and maintenance-free drylin miniature linear guides for small installation spaces. High-quality solutions for precise movements and adjustments in the tightest of spaces in small machines and devices.

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Why choose drylin linear systems?



drylin linear guides cope with high temperatures, strong vibration and more.
drylin® linear bearings are dirt-resistant


drylin linear guides can be used even in sand, swarf and dust.
drylin® linear bearings are corrosion-free


Corrosion-free and media-resistant for applications under water.
drylin® linear bearings are quiet


Approximately 4 times quieter than corresponding linear bearings made of metal.
drylin® linear bearings are light


Up to 75% lighter thanks to high-performance polymers.
drylin® linear bearings are hygienic


All systems operate without external lubrication and are therefore extremely clean.

Selected linear system application examples


Robot Delivery Service

Self-guiding robots specialised in delivering goods from a predefined location with drylin N low-profile guide systems. 

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MAX Velolift

The MAX Velolift from Rad9 for the assembly of bicycles with the drylin W double rail and linear housing from igus.
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Municipal vehicle

The municipal vehicle from Fiedler with the drylin W double rail WS and drylin W pillow block from igus.

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The SLIDE from InGymNeering consists of the drylin W profile guide and the drylin W pillow block from igus.

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The cost-effective alternative to recirculating ball bearing systems

Available from stock

With drylin linear guides you stay on track, even in hot, cold or damp conditions. They are extremely dirt-resistant and durable, which makes them ideal for cleaning-intensive environments. drylin is the clean, sliding alternative to recirculating ball bearings. No more exits, faster route to your destination... Follow us on the dryway. 

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Linear technology wiki

  • What load capacities do igus linear guides have and how are they calculated?
  • Are there special coatings or materials that are recommended for certain environmental conditions or applications?
Here you will find comprehensive answers to these and many other questions. Find out everything you need to know about our linear technology.
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Tested and proven.

drylin® test laboratory

Our drylin products are tested in a test laboratory under a variety of conditions to ensure that they function reliably even in tough environments. Here we show you what is tested and how, and what happens to our test data. You can even have your application tested at igus.
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