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The alternative linear rail guide – drylin® T

Variety and simple 1:1 replacement

Slide instead of roll – the drylin® T linear rail guide is based on that principle. In the process, the drylin® T rail guide makes the exchange from a recirculating ball bearing system to a sliding system as easy as possible. Connector and hole dimensions of drylin® linear rails and linear carriages are identical to those of conventional recirculating ball bearing systems.

The centrepiece of the guide carriage consists of lubrication-free and extremely long-life sliding elements made of igus® high-performance polymers. Quick and easy to handle and maintenance-free in use. The rail guides made of hard anodised aluminium are tough and corrosion-resistant.

Linear rails

drylin® T rail guide

  • Robust and rust-proof
  • Media-resistant
  • Lengths of up to 4000mm 

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Guide carriages

drylin® T guide carriage for drylin® T linear rail

  • Manual clamp optional
  • Also as low-profile model
  • Automatic bearing clearance optional

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Complete Set

drylin® T complete set

  • Rail and guide carriage
  • Manual clamp optional
  • Also as low-profile model

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Identical connector and hole dimensions

Bosch Rexroth: FNS • FLS • SNS • SLSS • NH • SLH • FNN • SNN
Rodriguez: BRH-A • BRH-AL • MSR-E • MSR-LE
Romani: HRC-FN

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Why choose drylin® T rail guides?


One to one replacement very easy

Connector and hole dimensions identical to conventional recirculating ball bearing systems

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High load capacity

Robust design makes fill weights of up to 14,000 N possible

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Precise carriage guidance

Clearance adjustment of 0.02mm - 0.15mm
optional clearance adjustment:

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Lubrication and maintenance-free

The fact that no lubrication is necessary means less maintenance and maintenance costs for you.

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No minimum order value

We manufacture and deliver from batch size 1 

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Individual manufacture

Rail guide deliverable in desired lengths of up to 4,000 mm

Longer product life cycle


drylin® linear technology uses  not a single drop of lubricating oil . In addition, our tribologically optimised materials produce less microabrasion than commercially available plastics.  Longer service life also has a positive net effect on the environment.

No lubrication required

drylin® T miniature guide for small installation spaces

Linear guide with a compact design in 4 installation sizes

The dimensions of the miniature guide from the drylin® T product range are identical to most commercially available miniature recirculating ball bearing systems. The compact design makes the system of miniature guides especially suitable for small installation spaces. The simple and effective rail guide is tough and cost-effective.  
With the TWE-04, igus® provides a guide carriage with adjustable bearing clearance for miniature guides.

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drylin® T miniature linear guides

Configure a complete system

You can use the drylin® linear guides expert to quickly and easily configure an individual linear guide for your application in just five steps.

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Selected application examples

The drylin® T rail guides are identical in terms of design and dimensions with a large number of recirculating ball bearing systems. This makes one to one replacement very easy. The robust rail guide additionally guarantees a long service life of up to 50,000 km.

young engineers support


Do you attend school or university and need assistance? igus® is happy to help! Free samples, expertise, catalogues and thesis publication – we will give you all the support you need. Request it here!

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Discover the quality by requesting a free drylin® T functional sample.

Fact check: plain bearings vs. rolling bearing

Characteristics of
igus® plain bearings
Characteristics of
rolling bearings
Technical data of
igus® plain bearings
Technical data of rolling bearingsEspecially relevant
for the following industries:
Precision++++0.02 - 0.15mm0.001 - 0.01mmMachine tools, CNC processing, electronics manufacturing
Completely lubrication-free++++  Medicine, packaging, food, cleanroom, consumer goods
Maintenance-free++++  For many different branches of industry
Weight advantage++++Aluminium approx. 2.7g/cm³
Polymer approx. 1.5g/cm³
Steel approx. 7.8g/cm³Handling, automation, laboratory, leisure time
Highly dynamic responsiveness in the case of low loads++++  Packaging, handling, automation
Highly dynamic responsiveness in the case of high loads++++  Packaging, handling, automation
Stroke length variance+++++  Camera technology, textile
Coefficient of friction++++0.15 - 0.3 µ0.001 - 0.05 µManual adjustment, pivoting
Sensitivity to dirt++++  Packaging, stone, textile, paper, painting equipment
Noise dampening ¹+++++45-60 dB60 dBMedicine, laboratory, furniture
Cost advantage+++++  For many different branches of industry
Protection against corrosion+++  Filling systems, chemicals, food
Magnetism++++Plastic, aluminiumSteelMedicine, testing instruments
Chemical resistance++++1.4751 + iglidur® X1.4112Medicine, food, electroplating, filling systems
Compatibility of the modules++++  Jig construction, assembly line automation
Quiet operation without any vibration+++++  Camera technology, inspection, medicine, 3D printer
Short-stroke suitability++++  Textile, handling
Easy to fit and quick replacement++++  Jig construction, assembly line automation
Rigidity++++  Machine tools, CNC processing, electronics manufacturing
Long travels of more than 10m+++  Camera, material handling, logistics
Temperature-resistant++++up to +250 °C Chemicals
Smooth running++++  Manual adjustment
Maximum acceleration ²+++++50m/s²15m/s²Automation, handling
Maximum speed ²++++30 m/s5 - 10m/sAutomation, handling

1) Measured in the igus® laboratory, 400mm stroke, manual adjustment
2) When subjected to low loads, depending on installation size 0.1 to 5kg
Characteristics: +++ strong ++ average + weak


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