Special cables

chainflex® special cables are cables for special applications such as hanging applications, for use in rail vehicles or thermal and compensation cables. Use our comprehensive knowledge about cable plus the experience of 2 billion test cycles that are annually realized in the company-owned chainflex® laboratory. The steadily growing product range of the chainflex® special cables is based on the requirements of our customers. igus® also manufactures cables for special applications and uses a wide range of materials and manufacturing processes. Depending on the design, customer-specific special products can be made from lengths of 500 m.
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chainflex® CFTHERMO thermocouple cable

from 5.32 USD / ft

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chainflex® control cable for rail vehicles CFSPECIAL.414

from 4.25 USD / ft

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chainflex® CFFLAT motor cable

Upon request

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chainflex® CFBRAID motor cable

from 11.68 USD / ft

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chainflex® PUR bus cable for hanging CFSPECIAL.182 applications

from 7.55 USD / ft

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chainflex® PUR hybrid cable for axis 7 of CFSPECIAL.792 robots

from 14.10 USD / ft

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chainflex® bus cable CFSPECIAL.484

Upon request

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Special cables

Special cables

chainflex® special cables are suitable for special and very special applications where the tasks that have to be performed are more demanding than usual. In our continually growing range of special cables, you can always find special cables that are oriented to your special requirements. If none of the available special cables meet your requirements, we can make customised chainflex® cables for special applications. Access to different materials and manufacturing procedures makes this possible for us.

What characterises special cables?
Special cables have special characteristics and are also manufactured for a specific purpose or task. Special cables can be variations of the following types of cable:

bus cables
data cables
motor cables
coaxial cables
fibre optic cables
measuring system cables
servo cables
control cables

However, unconventional specifications are also not a problem for chainflex® special cables. Our experts for chainflex® special cables are available to answer any questions you may have - Simply use our online Chat function or send us an e-mail. We will then find the ideal solution for you. For purposes of testing, our special cables are subjected to more than 2 million operating cycles in the igus® test laboratory, as a result of which we are able to precisely determine the service life of these cables. Our chainflex® special cables are mainly installed in e-chains® and are therefore especially well-suited for moving applications. As experts in the area of tribologically enhanced plastics, we are able to provide a solution for every application. We make the difference. Due to our experiences in the test laboratory, every special cable from igus® can cope with the most extreme requirements. Our energy chains are constantly in motion and require cables that can move along with them. The chainflex® special cable is only one of many cables that can be used. We also supply fibre optic cables, coaxial cables and many other chainflex® cables. These cables are also developed specially for use under difficult conditions. The high quality standard and the extremely large number of tests are what makes the chainflex® special cable such a reliable product.

Are you looking for an individual, customised solution? Our chainflex® experts will be only too willing to help you and not only when it comes to special cables. Give us a call or use our online Chat function on our website. We look forward to the details of your special application. After all, the tasks your machine has to perform are, for us, the driving force behind innovation and progress.


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