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Modular e-loop energy chain system

e-loop replaces service loops in drilling rigs, offshore, construction machines, wind turbines and shore power applications

For the cable guidance in top drive systems of drilling rigs, manufacturers and operators have so far been using so-called "service loops". However, these often create problems. The cables have no guidance, no defined bend radius, can slip in the service loop and in the worst case, break. In extremely windy conditions, the freely hanging service loop can get caught in the mast or on the sensors as well as the lighting system and be torn off. Replacement of the entire hose package is necessary.

To guide cables securely in hanging applications, igus has developed a new energy chain with the e-loop. As an alternative to the service loop, the e-loop combines the advantages of a polymer energy chain with those of a Dyneema rope that possesses high tensile strength. Ideal for three-dimensional movements. The tensile forces are absorbed by the rope and passed through the mounting brackets into the support structure. As a result, the cables are completely free of strain. The modular e-loop energy chain system made of high-performance plastics ensures a defined bend radius of the cables and withstands vibrations and shocks.

Why go for the e-loop energy chain system?

  • Modular system - e-loop openable and closable when necessary
  • Everything individually replaceable
  • Simple maintenance
  • Cable-friendly two-chamber interior separation design
  • Enforces minimum bend radius
  • Protects against impact due to robust PU outer body
  • Offers operational
    reliability due to secondary locking tension of all bolted connections
  • Special mounting brackets allow quick and
    easy installation
  • Resistant to dirt
  • Weather-resistant
  • Maximum cable diameter up to 36mm (radius 500mm) possible
  • Fail-safe cables with 36 month guarantee

The modular e-loop energy chain system constructed with a strong plastic rope is shatterproof, weather-resistant, flexible and corrosion-free.


Product range:

Part No.Inner ØOuter ØBend radiusWeight 
ELP.220.01150 mm220 mm380 mm≈18kg/m Request
ELP. 300.01230 mm300 mm500 mm≈22kg/m Request

Your size not listed? Further sizes on request

e-loop harnessing  

From modular e-loop energy chains ...

... and chainflex cables with 36 months guarantee ...

... up to ready-to-install harnessed systems with guarantee

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Load and break test of the e-loop

igus performs application-specific tests in the in-house laboratory for a long-lasting energy supply.

Load test of the e-loop
The e-loop was tested under extreme weather conditions and vibrations.
Result: high vibrations, side impacts and bumps do not bother the e-loop. The modular e-loop energy chain system ensures secure cable guidance on the top drive.


Break test of the e-loop
Test setup: the e-loop was dropped from a height of 10m onto a safe.
Result: the test proved the e-loop to be resistant to shocks and shatterproof.


Matching cables for drilling rigs

Single-core cable

Single-core cable chainflex CF310.UL  
chainflex CF310.UL

Control cable

Single-core cable chainflex CF310.UL  
chainflex CF9.UL

  • For extremely heavy-duty applications
  • UL and DNV-GL-certified
  • Flame-retardant and oil-resistant
  • High variety of cores and conductor nominal cross sections
  • Tried and tested in drilling rigs

Data cable

Data cable chainflex CF112  
chainflex CF112

  • For extremely heavy-duty applications
  • UL and DNV-GL-certified
  • Flame-retardant oil and mud-resistant
  • Pair-shielded
  • New cross sections for top drive systems available [(8x(2x1,5)C)C]

e-loop - questions and answers

How can I guide energy reliably and safely in deep drilling rigs? What is the alternative to the service loop?
With the e-loop, igus has developed an alternative to the service loop that can safely guide cables with large cross sections and heavy weight in hanging applications. The energy supply system is a round, three-dimensional modular system that can move strain-relieved cables with a defined bend radius. The cables can be to be inserted individually and replaced quickly in case of maintenance. The chain links can also be replaced at any time.
How does the e-loop absorb forces?
The new energy supply system from igus is built around a high-tensile plastic rope that absorbs the tensile forces of the cables. The rope is composed of a synthetic plastic fibre and is therefore shatterproof, weather-resistant, flexible and corrosion-free. The e-loop can absorb weights up to 220 kilonewtons with the rope.
How can I exchange the cables in the e-loop?
Unhook, lay down, unscrew, exchange cable(s), screw shut, remount. That's all it takes regarding maintenance thanks to the simple modular setup of the energy chain. Just in case you should always have a replacement chain at hand to avoid downtime.
How does igus deliver the e-loop and how does the installation work?
igus delivers the e-loop however you prefer: either completely assembled or harnessed, on a drum or pallet. There is a defined thread at the end of the e-loop; what is mounted on it, depends on your requirements. Our installation team is happy to take care of the assembly.
How are components prevented from falling down?
The individual chain links are all secured with screw connections, so that no component can fall down.

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