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Predictive maintenance with intelligent components from igus®

Improve technology and reduce costs with predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance is part of Industry 4.0. With energy chains, cables, and plain bearing products, igus aims to improve the technical performance of your customer on site and reduce his costs. Ideally, we can improve technical performance and lower your outgoings by providing products from igus that are more wear-resistant and have to be replaced less frequently. The sensors and isense systems enable predictive maintenance and servicing of e-chains, dry-tech plain bearing products, and chainflex cables.

Deficiencies are detected before the even arise, downtimes and unplanned failures are voided, repair times are shortened due to early intervention, machine availability rises, and maintenance costs fall. Scheduled maintenance inspections become unnecessary, employees can be more effectively employed, and machines and systems have a longer service life.

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Predictive maintenance smart plastics  

How does igus predictive maintenance work?

Under the name "isense", igus supplies various sensors that detect the status of igus components such as cables and energy chains. They measure wear, among other things, and alert the user or switch off the machine as soon as a component needs to be repaired or replaced. By networking with the icom communication module, the data is transmitted to an intelligent system. The module can be connected to all igus isense sensors. For example, with sensors for the measurement of abrasion or the amount of wear of the energy chain's pin/bore connection, as well as sensors for the detection of breakage and push/pull forces and for cable monitoring as well.
Once the measured values from a sensor have been transferred to the icom module, they have to be "interpreted" in order to generate instructions about what now needs to be done. This is possible via the connection to the igus cloud. Due to the increasing importance of IT security, however, many companies are increasingly relying on creation of their own SCADA systems. This is why igus has developed the "icom. plus" model. With this module, individual customers can integrate the data in the way that is most appropriate for their equipment and their company.


Monitoring modules: predictive maintenance and crash avoidance

With the and icom communication models from igus, you can decide how you would like to use the data acquired via the sensors. When you want to integrate the data into your system or read out the data, you are free to do so offline in the case of restrictive environments or establish a link to the igus server. module module  
The module displays the initially calculated time
of trouble-free operation on the equipment monitor.

  • Module for the isense offline system
  • Indication of service life by means of the equipment monitor
  • Alarm function in the event of problems
  • Indication in good time that maintenance is necessary
  • Compatible with the sensors: EC.W, EC.I, EC.PP

icom module

icom module  
Due to digital networking, the module shows the length of time of fault-free operation in real time.

  • Module for the isense online system
  • Continuous overview of the service life in real time, in all parts of the production plant thanks to "machine learning"
  • Comparison with the igus server via IoT
  • Indication of information through web dashboard or customer display
  • Definition of limits and alarm if limits are exceeded
  • Alarm output on dashboard and also by e-mail and SMS
  • Compatible with the sensors: EC.M, EC.W, EC.I, EC.PP

isense sensors: predictive maintenance and crash avoidance

igus supplies sensors for energy chains, chainflex cables and bearing technology

Sensors for energy chains

Sensors for energy chains  

Sensors for cables

Sensors for cables  

Sensors for bearing technology

Sensors for bearing technology  

How do I find the right system?

Artificial intelligence or easy monitoring ... tailored to your application areas

There are several ways of finding the right system. Starting from the area of use, for example energy chains, or with the question of what is to be achieved with the systems. Are the predictive maintenance systems to be used with service life display, or is there to be an alarm if components become worn or defective?

Selection of the method of integration into your own infrastructure and how the systems are networked within it

isense online  
isense online
Comprehensive solution thanks to online mode

Online monitoring and predictive maintenance with the icom module, machine learning and networking with the igus cloud and IoT (Internet of Things).

isense offline  
isense offline
Where there are high IT security requirements

Offline monitoring and predictive maintenance of energy chains, cables and bearings. With the icom. plus, the display of information is integrated into the customer's own system.  

isense stand-alone  
isense stand-alone
Avoid machine failures upon or after defects

In the case of an existing or imminent defect, the systems recommend a machine stop in order to prevent damage to the entire application.

isense integration  
isense integration
Full integration into your system

Output of alarms, service life data and raw sensor data to the customer's existing system. Online and offline use possible.

A wide range of smart plastics products is available.
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The most fascinating projects with igus smart plastics

Indoor crane

A big German crane manufacturer relies on the isense online system to ensure optimum production. The EC.B break detection sensor, the EC.P push/pull force monitoring sensor and the CF.P chainflex tensile force sensor are used as deactivating systems.  All dynamic data are loaded into the igus cloud by the icom module via IoT. Here, "machine learning" and AI algorithms calculate the service life and display it on a web dashboard on any internet-enabled device, indicating "days until the next recommended maintenance work".

smart plastics in indoor crane

Austrian automotive supplier

An Austrian automotive parts supplier uses smart plastics from igus for its indoor gantry cranes, which handle engine blocks automatically.

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