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Predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance  

From knowledge and skill – connectivity
It is connectivity that makes smart plastics® an indispensable component for turning classical automation processes into smart automation solutions for Industry 4.0. It is smart networking of individual components that creates the solid foundation for predictive maintenance concepts.
The basis is sensors installed in chainflex® cables, dry-tech® polymer bearings, e-chain systems® and the icom module, a data concentrator in which the collected values can be processed.
This data can be used to provide information about the status of the component in question, which in turn can be used to derive concepts for precise maintenance schedules that address problems ahead of time. Defects in elements are detected immediately – even before they actually arise. This minimises damage and reduces downtime. smart plastics® are ushering in an age of truly predictable repair work – for maintenance in its smartest, most effective form.
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Find the right way to start

I am an expert and am planning concepts for predictive maintenance. I already know what igus® parts and components I want to use.

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Certainly a good choice: the right network connection.

To help you implement predictive maintenance concepts, we have made available two options for data transmission from the sensors to the icom module data concentrator:


Your in-house network/INTRANET. This variant does NOT provide for an internet connection (IoT).


The internet of things (IoT). There is NO access to your internal network resources.

Video on Option 1

Functionality of the module


  • The module is delivered with the machine parameters and the igus® service life calculator data
  • After it is connected to the PLC, the module compares the loaded data with the live data and determines the service life
  • If the machine parameters change, the module can be updated in three ways 


Video on Option 2

Functionality of the icom online module


  • The icom online module communicates through a cloud
  • The service life calculation is always live and even more precise than the module is. 
  • Live data can be viewed at any time on the dashboard or transmitted by e-mail/SMS
  • Maintenance can be optimally planned


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Data collection with the module

Before the data concentrator named icom. plus is integrated into your manufacturing process, we will load the data for the expected service life of your components, calculated specially for you, onto your new icom module. Thereafter, all relevant parameters, such as area of application, environmental conditions, and, of course, component operating time, are stored on the module's hard drive.
You get to decide whether a connection to the igus® cloud, with its continuous comparison between real-time system data and service life information in the icom online module, is necessary. Usually, system operation does not entail an IoT connection to the internet.
The device requests a temporary connection to the igus® cloud only if the actual operating data deviates greatly from the initial calculation. If you decide to accept such a connection, it will be disabled as soon as the old vs. new service life data comparison is finished. Incidentally, you have the option of establishing this connection in conjunction with a controlled system shutdown. Such a connection would be without a connection to the local network.
If the data concentrator is installed and connected with your system only, it uses the intranet to continuously transmit to your machine the sensor data for the residual service life of a component such as an energy chain. If your component is nearing the end of its service life, you will receive an automatic warning through your production system – Industry 4.0 for everyone testing the advantages of service life recording and predictive maintenance for the first time.
Does this procedure approximate what you were hoping for with your system? If so, you can check out the details by using the configurator . Select your individual application and use the intranet to configure your sensors for it.  

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Industry 4.0 made easier – with the icom online module

Before installing an icom online module - also called a data concentrator - on your production line, we initially store the application data of your components in the cloud. Here, the service life is calculated using data analytics. The results generated in the cloud can be displayed on the dashboard and/or transmitted as e-mail or SMS (Cloud to Cloud).
We then install the module in your production and establish a connection to the igus® cloud via the Internet of Things.
The continuous data comparison ensures complete planning reliability: at any point, you can directly check the correct service life information for a component. This benefits your maintenance colleagues: all information can be sent to mobiles, tablets and PCs. Maintenance work could not be faster or more flexible.
Do you need a status display on an online dashboard for all production systems? The icom online module makes it easy. And, of course, we at igus® thought you might want to export your raw sensor data and analyse it.
Does that sound attractive to you? Is it exactly what you've been looking for? Then assemble the most important components for a specific application here.

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