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Predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance  

Maintain machines and equipment proactively before shutdown or quality losses occur.
Defects are detected before they occur, unscheduled downtime and failures are avoided, repair times are shortened due to early intervention, machine availability increases and maintenance costs decrease. Scheduled maintenance inspections become unnecessary, employees can be more effectively employed, and machines and systems have a longer service life.

Prevent failures

Prevent failures  
Avoid unplanned downtime

Avoid plant shutdowns by switching off (Emergency Off) the unit or the entire machine in good time.  
Examples of reasons for an emergency shutdown: foreign bodies, deformation, significant increase of abrasion and so on.

Predictable maintenance

Predictable maintenance  
Exact ascertainment of maintenance intervals

Components that are susceptible to wear are often replaced too early or too frequently. This minimises the availability of a machine and increases the costs.   
Consequences of component failure: long downtimes, delivery bottlenecks, collateral damage to the machine

On-premise or Cloud service

On-premise or Cloud service  
You decide on the degree of digitisation

All solutions for predictive maintenance are offered as an on-premise or Cloud solution.
If you choose an on-premise solution, you carry out updates and software maintenance yourself.  Cloud solutions are not dependent on local resources and the computer operating system. Updates, releases and patches are loaded automatically. 

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System solutions

For energy supply systems

Energy supply systems  

Make energy chains - the most modular version of an energy supply system - "smart" and even more dependable. Supply energy, data, air and fluids safely, avoid plant shutdowns with smart sensors and plan maintenance more efficiently.
Sensors in the product range: For pull/push force monitoring, wear monitoring, breakage detection, position measurement and so on.

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For cables

Highly flexible cables  

Improve the dependability of cables in energy chains igus chainflex cables are the Number 1 among cables for highly dynamic movements. Use smart modules to increase the service life of your machines and equipment.
Sensors in the product range: For measurement of electrical properties and tensile force,  measurement of the transmission quality of bus cables and so on.

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For bearing technology

Lubrication-free plain, linear and slewing ring bearings  

Do without lubrication completely and drastically minimise maintenance. This is what igus plain, linear and slewing ring bearings made of polymer material are for Here as well, smart solutions reduce the maintenance intervals and increase the safety and reliability of your machines and plant.
Sensors in the product range: For wear monitoring


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