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igus® in the cleanroom - ISO Class 1 for numerous products

Absolute air purity is essential in many industries, especially in production, in the medical and pharmaceutical technology, semiconductor industry, aerospace technology, nano technology and measurement technology. Any contamination in cleanroom conditions has a direct damaging impact on products and processes and costs a lot of money. In the case of cleanrooms, the requirements regarding the abrasion-resistance of moving components are especially high. In the igus® test laboratory, numerous product tests are carried out continually and documented extremely rigorously. Moreover, in order to provide solid attestation that the products are ideal for use in cleanrooms, the Fraunhofer Institute subjects them to further tests. This enables igus® to offer a broad product portfolio of IPA-tested products with the best-possible cleanroom classification (ISO Class 1), which is ideal for special applications.

e-chains® in cleanrooms

E6.1 e-chain®  

Energy chains in a cleanroom environment have to be especially abrasion-resistant as airborne particles above the strict limits specified in standards are released and can contaminate the cleanroom.

e-chains for cleanroom applications

chainflex® cables in cleanrooms

CF2 chainflex® cable  

igus offers a broad portfolio of cables for your special application: 918 types with cleanroom classification IPA ISO Class 1 and 166 types with IPA ISO Class 2.

chainflex cables for motion

drylin® in cleanrooms

drylin® WSQ linear guide  

Tested: drylin cleanroom suitability and ESD compatibility. With regard to ESD compatibility, "Level 1", which is the best possible evaluation, is achieved by the combination of iglidur J against anodised and hard-anodised aluminium.

drylin for cleanroom applications

iglidur® plain bearings in cleanrooms

iglidur® plain bearings for cleanrooms  

The cleanroom suitability of our iglidur plain bearings is determined on the basis of the wear particles released in applications. The size and quantity of the released wear particles, however, depends on:

  • the respective pairing of shaft and bearing material
  • further parameters such as load, speed etc.
Due to different factors that have to be taken into account when cleanroom suitability for different scenarios of use is measured, cleanroom materials for our plain bearings are not clearly definable in advance. Do you need help in selecting your plain bearing material? Our experts will be happy to assist you.
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Additional information

ATEX and ESD information

igus® material for applications involving ESD (electrostatic discharge) and ATEX.

ATEX and ESD information