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Energy supply in a cleanroom and small installation space with e-skin®


  • Application: Linear system with air bearings for highly precise adjustments
  • Industry: cleanroom / semiconductor
  • Product: e-skin flat SKF12. as double and quadruple layer system
  • What was needed?: ready-to-install system solution
  • Requirements: Small bend radii, little wear
  • Area of use: Installation work indoors and in cleanrooms

About linear systems: Linear systems with air bearings are characterised by a low degree of bearing friction. This is an advantage during slow movement compared to e.g. systems with roller bearings. In particular, the swishing noise vertical to the direction of movement can be very small (≤ 1 nm), depending on the technical design. This makes these linear systems predestined for applications in roughness and form measuring devices.

readychain ready-to-install energy chain in the telescopic jib of a lifting work platform


The problem of the customer was to find a cable guide that showed almost no wear, had no minimum order quantity, and could be fitted in a small installation space.
It was to be possible to replace the energy chain systems quickly. Equipping entire systems with replacement parts in just a few minutes.


The e-skin flat SKF12. as a quadruple layer system is being used in the customer's application successfully as can be seen in the photo.
The PVC & TPE cables from igus are also operating failure-free. The customer appreciates that fact that there is no minimum order quantity and that the e-skin flat can be installed easily and quickly.

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