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Lubrication-free solutions for
furniture making and industrial design

Innovative furniture-making technology in award-winning design

Clean, quiet and light - these are the most important features at the centre of the production of furniture and furnishings. This alone creates great demand for components from motion plastics specialist igus in the furniture industry. But the lubrication-free, high-performance polymers can do even more: they glide smoothly with little effort and remain maintenance-free over their entire service life. Thanks to the dry operation, there is no danger of neighbouring materials such as textile covers, leather or wood being soiled. Plain bearing solutions and energy supplies with flexible cables are deployed everywhere there is movement. Whether hidden or visible, in soft opening table drawers or in flexible sofa arrangements with a variety of seat settings, in kitchen cabinets, in the bathroom or garden – igus product solutions prove their worth day after day in the roughest of industrial applications and have received the iF Design Award several times.

Product advantages at a glance

Lubrication-free and low-maintenance

Quiet operation and smooth sliding

Wide range of sizes and designs


Easy assembly

Available from stock

New from April 2020


First metal-free telescopic guide

Save costs and weight with new solutions made of iglidur polymer material

▲ Tech up

Lubrication-free, corrosion-resistant, quiet

64% weight savings compared to drylin NT-35

▼ Cost down

Fast assembly in seconds

Cost-effective production in injection moulding

More information about drylin NTP27 polymer telescopic guides

drylin W hybrid roller bearings  
New hybrid roller bearings with ball bearings

▲ Tech up

Up to four times quieter than metallic bearings due to igus high-performance polymers

▼ Cost down

Cost-effective zinc die-cast housing

Roller bearings without lubrication

More information about drylin W hybrid roller bearings

e-chain OCO.20 for office and furniture  
Cable guidance for office and furniture

▲ Tech up

Timeless design and flexible fitting

Easy to lengthen and shorten

▼ Cost down

Save installation time and cost with tool-free filling due to "easy" design

More about the e-chain OCO.20

PRT-04 stop motion slewing ring with locking function  
Stop motion slewing ring with locking function

▲ Tech up

Repeatable defined location points

▼ Cost down

Around 20% more cost-effective than PRT-01 series

Ready-to-install solution, no need to build it yourself

More information about PRT-04 with locking function

Product solutions from igus® for industrial and interior design

drylin W profile guides  
drylin W profile guides


Quiet operation

Configurable online

drylin N low-profile linear guides  
drylin N low-profile linear guides

For the smallest of installation spaces



Furniture chain triflex OCR  
triflex OCR

Can be easily clipped onto the chain

Magnetic mounting brackets

Flexible fitting

iglidur® plain bearings - a versatile endurance runner  
iglidur plain bearings

More than 55 materials

More than 15,000 parts from stock

Individual solutions with no minimum order quantity

igubal® self-adjusting spherical bearing  
igubal spherical bearings

Compensation for misalignment

Corrosion-free, easy to clean

Resistant to high loads

iglidur PRT slewing ring bearings  
iglidur PRT slewing ring bearings

Suitable for high loads

Lowest coefficients of friction


motion plastics® in furniture making and industrial design

Designer side table

iglidur plain bearings make it possible to fold out the storage spaces of this designer table, both lubrication and maintenance-free.

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Gesture-controlled mirror

This mirror becomes a real eye-catcher with its gesture control. Thanks to a drylin linear guide, it can be pushed open and closed, lubrication and maintenance-free.

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Safe guidance and visually appealing

The triflex TRE system from igus provides safe cable guidance and blends into the surroundings in the best possible way.

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Excellent design, comfortable and aesthetic

With office or home furnishings it is vital for rotating or linear movements to take place in an especially quiet, smooth and homogenous way. The design is the deciding factor and technical components must be optimally integrated.

Movable kitchen furniture

The modern kitchen combines innovative technology with contemporary design. All movements should be easy and quiet, all bearing points durable and resistant, all elements 100% lubrication and maintenance-free. igus products fulfil the high technical requirements whilst saving costs.

Checked in the igus® test laboratory for use in the real world

The drylin test laboratory with approx. 500 tests each year


Test laboratory for plain bearings with a wide range of tribo test rigs


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