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motion plastics for the vending machine industry

Vending machine technology is establishing itself in ever more industry sectors. Users benefit from the convenience of having the desired product quickly at hand and at the same time needing little space for storage. Alongside industrial application of the technology in pick & place applications or in tool handling machines, to name two examples, increasing numbers of vending machines are being deployed directly in salesrooms. They are setting new standards with regard to speed and quiet operation. igus quality has already successfully proven itself in a wide range of beverage, coffee and snack vending machines. All movements have one thing in common: fully automated systems start and run in the background-quickly, quietly and maintenance-free. For such applications, motion plastics manufacturer igus offers a wide range of products: lubrication-free, quiet drylin drive modules for positioning movements, dependable energy chains and cables, maintenance-free plain bearings, efficient high helix threads and light linear guides, even for the smallest of installation spaces.

New from April 2020


6 highlights in a 4-minute video

Innovations for vending machines

Tech up, cost down: new pre-load prism slide, metal-free telescopic guides and e-chains specifically for vending machine technology.
You can find more information on these and further product innovations at our 400m2 trade show stand. You can either explore it virtually on your own or together with our industry expert. Make an appointment now for a guided virtual tour with individual consultation:

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drylin isense LED linear carriage  
New linear carriage with LED function display

▲ Tech up

Easy handling and visualisation by LED

Predictable maintenance due to wear sensor in liner

▼ Cost down

Direct use without integration in local IT environment

Bearing exchanged in seconds

Learn more about isense LED carriages

drylin W econ rail profile  
Clear-anodised linear rail

▲ Tech up

Corrosion-free clear anodised surface finish

Consistent silver colour ideal for visible parts

▼ Cost down

15% more cost-effective than the hard-anodised version

Saw cuttings to the millimetre

More information about drylin W econ rail profiles

TPE data cables chainflex CF298 and CF299  
High-end data cables 40 million double strokes

▲ Tech up

Longer guaranteed service life

Small bend radii of 4xd due to special alloy

▼ Cost down

Planning security

Less frequent need to replace the cable

More information about TPE data cables CF298/299

Selected motion plastics for the vending machine industry

E2 micro e-chain  
E2 micro e-chains

For the smallest of installation spaces

UL94-V2 (optional V0)

Stable, light and quiet

chainflex CF130.UL & CF140.UL cables  
chainflex CF130.UL & CF140.UL

PVC outer jacket (CF140 shielded)

For medium-duty applications


drylin E linear robots  
drylin E linear robots

Fast assembly

Defined stroke length

Everything from one source

drylin E electric linear axes and linear drives with a motor  
drylin E single axes with a motor

Easy installation

Proximity switch mounting by means of T slot

Everything from one source, readily assembled and tested

drylin N low-profile linear guides  
drylin N low-profile linear guides

Very lightweight

Low installation height 6-12mm

Numerous carriage options

drylin lead screw technology with dryspin technology  
drylin lead screw technology

Lubrication-free and maintenance-free

Low noise and low vibration


Here, motion plastics are already being used successfully

Cleaned WC cassettes from Camping Butler

With the cleaning machine, Camping Butler by W+F Engineering GmbH, the mobile WC cassette is emptied and cleaned within just a few minutes, completely without contact or unpleasant smells. The core of the machine is a drylin room linear robot, which ensures a maintenance-free and long service life due to its lubrication-free, corrosion-free and chemical-resistant components.  

Find out more about the application

Quick movement in the spice vending machine

In the context of the igus young engineers support, pupils developed a vending machine specifically for packaged spices together with engineers of EMAG LaserTec GmbH. In order to deliver the salt, curry and pepper tins quickly from the compartments, they used igus drylin W linear guides. They ensure that the machine moves quickly, smoothly and without lubricants.

Spice vending machine

Clean and hygienic pipetting

This device automates the laborious performance of pipetting tasks. drylin linear guide systems ensure that the special requirements of medical technology are fulfilled.

To the customer application

A kiosk and advertising space at the same time

This kiosk not only has the ability to sell confectionary but also offers further useful functions. e-chains from igus provide for maintenance-free operation despite a small installation space.

To the media kiosk

Medicines at the press of a button

This automatic vending machines remains open even when all other pharmacies are closed. A touchscreen is used to select non-prescription medicines and a cashless payment system provides for additional ease of use. drylin linear guides are absolutely lubrication-free.

Automatic vending machine for non-prescription medicines

Perfectly brewed coffee

Thanks to drylin N low-profile linear guides, this coffee maker ensures coffee is at the perfect temperature. The great advantage of the high-performance plastics stems from its corrosion-resistant and lubrication-free properties as well as the smooth movements they provide.

Perfectly brewed

Tested in the industry's largest test laboratory

Take a look at our test laboratory for chainflex cables and e-chains, where tests are run for 10 billion cycles every year.


The drylin test laboratory with approx. 500 tests each year.


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