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drylin® R linear round guide

The benefits at a glance

  • 100 % lubrication-free
  • Dimensions identical to standard ball bearings
  • Large variety of choice in housing shapes
  • Shafts, shaft end blocks and accessories available from stock
  • 8 different shaft materials
  • Replaceable liners
  • VA stainless steel housing available

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drylin® R shaft guide

Dimensions identical to recirculating ball bearings

drylin® R linear bearings are based on highly wear-resistant polymers developed especially for linear technology. The dimensions are compatible with standard ball bearings. The special shape of the shaft guides and shaft bearings guarantee toughness and precision – even under extreme environmental conditions.

Linear shafts

drylin® R shaft  

Made of aluminium, steel or stainless steel


High load capacity
More about linear shafts

Purchase shafts here

Pillow blocks

drylin® R pillow blocks  

Easy installation

High static load

Liner exchangeable
More about housing bearings

Purchase pillow blocks here

Linear plain bearings

drylin® R linear plain bearings  

Closed or split

Compensates for alignment errors

Open for supported shafts
More about linear plain bearings

Purchase linear plain bearings here

drylin® R quad block

Closed or open design

The drylin® R quad block is offered in open or closed design. In the open version, the linear carriage can be used for supported linear shafts.

  • Aluminium housing
  • Lightweight design
  • Different installation sizes
  • Simple and quick assembly

Buy quad block

drylin® R quad block for linear applications  

Liners for a large number of applications

Suitable for your drylin® R linear system

Find the suitable plain bearing liner for your application need. Whether for high speed or temperatures from -50°C to +250°C or with FDA/EU conformity. igus® offers the ideal material for your drylin® R application.   

  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Optimised wear quality
  • 100% lubrication-free
  • Extremely lightweight
  • High chemical resistance

More about plain bearing liners

drylin® R plain bearing liners  

Why choose drylin® R shaft guides?

One to one replacement very easy

Thanks to dimensions identical with commercially available shaft guides with recirculating ball bearing systems

Property icon  
FDA compliance with stainless steel

Can also be deployed in the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry as hygiene is provided

Property icon  
High precision

Thanks to adjustable bearing clearance at the sliding elements

Property icon  
Tough and flexible

Thanks to absorbing forces from all directions

drylin® R is especially quiet  
Quiet operation

Low vibration and quiet movement 

Property icon  
Resistant to dirt

Thanks to lubrication-free sliding elements that push away the dirt on the running surfaces of the shafts

Selected application examples

The drylin® R shaft guide is based on especially developed highly wear-resistant polymers. The dimensions are compatible with standard ball bearings. The special shape permits their use even in extreme environments.

drylin® R in commercial vehicle technology

Tough & maintenance-free

drylin® R linear plain bearings are used in the bus trailers manufactured by  Göppel Bus GmbH. They transfer the steering movement from the front to the rear wheels.  

drylin® R in laboratories

Stainless steel shafts with fixed flange bearings and plain bearing for laboratory press

This laboratory press is in no way an off-the-shelf product but a customised solution. Tough stainless steel shafts and temperature-resistant and lubrication-free polymer bearings ensure a high level of availability of the heart of the machine. The materials deployed here from the drylin® R product range easily withstand the extreme conditions. 

drylin® R in an ultra-high vacuum apparatus

In use in research for precise measured values

This apparatus can be used to measure the adsorption heat of small organic molecules (e.g. isopropanol) in single crystals (e.g. platinum).  In order to guarantee that measurements are exact as possible, the precise components used in the apparatus are also able to withstand high temperatures of up to 180 °C.  

drylin® R in parting-off grinder

Aluminium shaft and plastic bearings for precise linear guidance

drylin® R aluminium shafts are used in this grinder to guide the cutting table. The linear plain bearings on the basis of high-performance polymers operate completely without lubricants. This makes the shaft guide resistant to dirt accumulations while providing smooth operation.

drylin® R shaft guide in film saw

Precise positioning for clean cuts

This saw cuts plastic films wound on spools. The saw blade can be moved over the entire length of the spools and saw into the film. The movements of these two axes are guided by supported shafts and shaft guides from the drylin® R range. Precise positioning for clean cuts and a fully maintenance-free plant were of importance here.

More information on drylin® R shaft guides

drylin® configurator  
Complete system configured in 5 steps

A customised drylin® R shaft guide for your linear application in only 5 steps.

dryspin® test laboratory  

More than 500 experiments per year in the 250 m² large test laboratory.

drylin® R shaft guide design

Floating bearing for shaft guide

The drylin® R floating bearings offer great advantages in applications with parallel shafts. With their geometry, they are able to compensate for alignment and parallelism errors and should be used on the shaft located furthest from the drive mechanism.

drylin® R - Design tips


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