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The drylin® R shaft guide – dimensions identical to those of recirculating ball bearings

drylin® R linear bearings are based on highly wear-resistant polymers developed especially for linear technology. The dimensions are compatible with standard ball bearings. The special shape of the shaft guides and shaft bearings guarantee toughness and precision - even under extreme environmental conditions.

The components of the drylin® R

Linear shafts

drylin® R shaft
  • Made of aluminium, steel or stainless steel
  • Corrosion-free
  • High load capacity
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Pillow blocks

drylin® R pillow blocks
  • Easy assembly
  • High static load
  • Liner replaceable
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Linear plain bearings

drylin® R linear plain bearings
  • Closed or split
  • Compensates for alignment errors
  • Open for supported shafts
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drylin® R linear round guide

The benefits at a glance

  • 100 % lubrication-free
  • Dimensions identical to standard ball bearings
  • Large variety of choice in housing shapes
  • Shafts, shaft end blocks and accessories available from stock
  • 8 different shaft materials
  • Replaceable liners
  • VA stainless steel housing available

Why choose drylin® R shaft guides?


One to one replacement very easy

Thanks to dimensions identical with commercially available shaft guides with recirculating ball bearing systems
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FDA compliance with stainless steel

Can also be deployed in the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry as hygiene is provided
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High precision

Thanks to adjustable bearing clearance at the sliding elements
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Tough and flexible

Thanks to absorbing forces from all directions
drylin® R is especially quiet

Quiet operation

Low vibration and quiet movement 
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Resistant to dirt

Thanks to lubrication-free sliding elements that push away the dirt on the running surfaces of the shafts

Application examples


drylin® R in commercial vehicle technology

drylin® R transfers the steering movement from the front to the rear wheels. 
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drylin® in the laboratory

The materials used here from the drylin® R product range easily withstand the extreme conditions. 
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drylin® R on wooden shafts

A height-adjustable, tiltable wooden desk.

Linear bearings for track and tunnel cleaning

Lubrication-free linear bearings with high rigidity were required for this tunnel-cleaning vehicle.
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drylin® R quad block – open or closed design

The drylin® R quad block is offered in open or closed type. In the open version, the linear carriage can be used for supported linear shafts.

  • Aluminium housing
  • Lightweight design
  • Different installation sizes
  • Quick, simple assembly
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drylin® R quad block for linear applications


drylin® R shaft guide design

Floating bearing for shaft guides

The drylin® R floating bearings offer great advantages in applications with parallel shafts. With their geometry, they are able to compensate for alignment and parallelism errors and should be used on the shaft located furthest from the drive mechanism.
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drylin® linear technology does not use a single drop of lubricating oil. In addition, our tribologically optimised materials produce less micro-abrasion than commercially available plastics. Longer service life also has a positive net effect on the environment.
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Fact check: plain bearings vs. rolling bearings

Characteristics of
igus® plain bearings
Characteristics of
rolling bearings
Technical data of
igus® plain bearings
Technical data of rolling bearingsEspecially relevant
for the following industries:
Precision++++0.02 - 0.15mm0.001 - 0.01mmMachine tools, CNC processing, electronics manufacturing
Completely lubrication-free++++  Medicine, packaging, food, cleanroom, consumer goods
Maintenance-free++++  For many different branches of industry
Weight advantage++++Aluminium approx. 2.7g/cm³
Polymer approx. 1.5g/cm³
Steel approx. 7.8g/cm³Handling, automation, laboratory, leisure time
Highly dynamic responsiveness in the case of low loads++++  Packaging, handling, automation
Highly dynamic responsiveness in the case of high loads++++  Packaging, handling, automation
Stroke length variance+++++  Camera technology, textile
Coefficient of friction++++0.15 - 0.3 µ0.001 - 0.05 µManual adjustment, pivoting
Sensitivity to dirt++++  Packaging, stone, textile, paper, painting equipment
Noise dampening ¹+++++45 dB60 dBMedicine, laboratory, furniture
Cost advantage+++++  For many different branches of industry
Protection against corrosion+++  Filling systems, chemicals, food
Magnetism++++Plastic, aluminiumSteelMedicine, testing instruments
Chemical resistance++++1.4751 + iglidur® X1.4112Medicine, food, electroplating, filling systems
Compatibility of the modules++++  Jig construction, assembly line automation
Quiet operation without any vibration+++++  Camera technology, inspection, medicine, 3D printer
Short-stroke suitability++++  Textile, handling
Easy to fit and quick replacement++++  Jig construction, assembly line automation
Rigidity++++  Machine tools, CNC processing, electronics manufacturing
Long travels of more than 10m+++  Camera, material handling, logistics
Temperature-resistant++++up to +250 °C Chemicals
Smooth running++++  Manual adjustment
Maximum acceleration ²+++++50m/s²15m/s²Automation, handling
Maximum speed ²++++30 m/s5 - 10m/sAutomation, handling

1) Measured in the igus® laboratory, 400mm stroke, manual adjustment
2) When subjected to low loads, depending on installation size 0.1 to 5kg
Characteristics: +++ strong ++ average + weak

General information about drylin®

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