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drylin® Q square guide

Torque-resistant, flexible and a large number of mounting options

drylin® Q linear square guide offers a great degree of flexibility in design. Individual housing options such as solid plastic bearings as well as adjustable complete housings with and without manual clamping are available. The tough aluminium profile is very light thanks to its hollow design. At the same time, the hollow chamber is suitable for feeding though supply lines. There are extensive mounting options that include slot nuts, installation size 20 can likewise be combined with all20/20 aluminium profiles.  

Square guide

drylin® Q square guide  


Very light aluminium hollow profile

Large number of mounting options

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Linear carriage

drylin® Q linear carriage for square guide  

Unsupported carriage options

Side mounting options

Manual clamp optional

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Pillow blocks

drylin® Q pillow block for square guide  

Enclosed aluminium housing

Torque absorption of up to 3 Nm or 10 Nm

Torque-resistant sliding elements

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Accessories for square guide

With plenty of accessories, you can extend and expand your drylin® Q square guide.  

  • Supports made from plastic and end caps
  • Adapter kit for grippers and sensors
  • Adapters for series E2 micro e-chain®

Accessories for square guide

Accessories for drylin® Q square guide  

Lubrication-free square linear guide

Highly flexible and extremely variable

100% lubrication-free


Adjustable bearing clearance

Absorption of force from all directions

Resistant to dirt

Low vibration and quiet

Large number of mounting options

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Why choose drylin® Q square guides?

Torque-resistant square linear guide  

The square design makes it impossible for the carriage to twist

Many mounting options with drylin® Q linear square guides  
More flexibility

Thanks to a large number of mounting options on all four sides of the carriage

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High precision

Thanks to adjustable bearing clearance

Quiet and low-vibration square linear guide  
Quiet and low vibration

The design of the drylin® Q square guides permits quiet and low-vibration operation of the carriage

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Flexible absorption of forces

drylin® Q square guide permits force absorption from all directions

Dirt-resistant linear square guide reduces the time, effort and costs involved in cleaning  
Resistant to dirt

Lubrication-free sliding elements make drylin® Q resistant to dirt and saves cleaning costs


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