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drylin® N low-profile guide system – small, low-profile, flexible and cost-effective

The small drylin® N low-profile guide system consists of a rail and a guide carriage. The sliding elements are manufactured from a high-performance polymer.

The low-profile linear guide was developed especially for applications with very little installation space. It moves completely without any lubricant, guaranteeing compliance with the highest hygiene standards.

drylin® N low-profile guide system for linear applications with compact installation space

Low-profile guide rails

  • Low-profile
  • Silver or black anodised
  • Corrosion-free

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drylin® N low-profile guide carriage for linear applications with compact installation space

Guide carriages

  • Maintenance-free dry operation
  • Wear-resistant
  • Manual clamp optional

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drylin® N complete solution for linear applications with compact installation space

Complete solution

  • Low-profile guide system & guide carriage
  • Installation heights of between 6mm and 12mm
  • Different installation sizes


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drylin® innovations 2021 - Get to know the new preloaded carriage in installation size 80 now

Tech up, cost down: we will always give you at least one of the two. That is our profession and what we have offered for many years. The challenges of the "upside-down" year of 2021 have spurred us on to improve our efforts. Experience the drylin® innovations of 2021.

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New products in 2021

The benefits at a glance

  • Various widths
  • 100% maintenance and lubrication-free
  • Corrosion-resistant and hygienic
  • Resistant to dirt, dust and humidity
  • Quiet operation
  • Stop motion available for endlessly variable adjustable guidance

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igus® pre-load prism slides – in the lengths and pre-loads you need

drylin® pre-load prism slides are available from stock with individual pre-load and dual pre-load and can be delivered within 24 hours.  
The benefits at a glance:

  • Easy positioning of carriage
  • Guaranteed drive force and holding force
  • Extremely lightweight low-profile
  • Coated rails (silver and black) with or without fixing holes make them ideal as visible parts


More about pre-load prism slides

Why choose drylin® N low-profile guide system?

Miniature linear guides for small installation spaces

Can be used in small installation spaces

Thanks to space-saving design with an installation height of 9-12 mm

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Lower energy costs

Thanks to a lightweight, energy-efficient design of the low-profile guide system

Specified displacement forces with pre-load prism slide in linear low-profile guide system

Easy to adjust and position

Thanks to specified displacement forces (carriage with pre-load prism slide)

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Quiet operation

Spring preload of the carriage and sliding element ensures quiet running

Less assembly time thanks to overmoulded carriage for linear low-profile guide system

Less installation time

Thanks to overmoulded carriage (permanent connection between carriage and sliding element)

Less installation work with drylin® N double carriages

Minimal installation work required

Thanks to the use of double carriage, it is possible to dispense with several carriage

Longer product life cycle


drylin® linear technology uses  not a single drop of lubricating oil . In addition, our tribologically optimised materials produce less microabrasion than commercially available plastics.  Longer service life also has a positive net effect on the environment.

No lubrication required

drylin® T miniature guide for higher loads

Linear rails with a compact design in 4 installation sizes

The miniature linear rails from the drylin® T product range are an alternative to the low-profile guide systems if you need to work with higher fill weights (in excess of 50 kg) or with greater precision (under 50 µ).

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drylin® T miniature guide

Low-profile guide system free sample

Your low-profile guide system sample box

Try out the advantages of the lubrication-free low-profile guide system

Convince yourself and order your free mini sample box with product samples and further information about our drylin N low-profile linear guide modular kit with its advantages. 
The box contains low-profile guide rails with different coatings, maintenance-free single and double carriages in different sizes and a clearance-free pre-load prism slide.

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Configure a complete system

You can use the drylin® linear guides expert to quickly and easily configure an individual linear guide for your application in just five steps.

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Selected application examples

drylin® N low-profile guide systems are deployed particularly in places where the installation spaces are small while demands are high. The compact but tough design meets the highest demands with regard to precision and flexibility. The various widths for the guides and the wide range of guide carriages provide a great variety of application options.  

young engineers support

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Do you attend school or university and need assistance? Free samples, expertise, catalogues and thesis publication – we will give you all the support you need. Contact us here.


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drylin® test laboratory

Tested and proven.

Our drylin® products are tested in a test laboratory under a variety of conditions to ensure that they function reliably even in tough environments. Here we show you what is tested and how, and what happens to our test data. You can even have your application tested at igus®.

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