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drylin® N low-profile guide system

Small, low-profile, flexible and cost-effective

  • Various widths
  • 100% maintenance and lubrication-free
  • Corrosion-resistant and hygienic
  • Resistant to dirt, dust and humidity
  • Quiet operation
  • Stop motion available for endlessly variable adjustable guidance

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The components of the drylin® N low-profile guide system

The small drylin® N low-profile guide system consists of a rail and a guide carriage. The sliding elements are manufactured from a high-performance plastic. The low-profile linear guide was developed especially for applications with very little installation space. The low-profile linear guides move completely without any lubricant and guarantee compliance with the highest hygiene standards.  

drylin® N low-profile guide system for linear applications with compact installation space  
Low-profile guide rails

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drylin® N low-profile guide carriage for linear applications with compact installation space  
Guide carriages

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drylin® N complete solution for linear applications with compact installation space  
Complete solution

  • Low-profile guide system and guide carriage
  • Installation heights of between 6mm and 12mm
  • Different installation sizes

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Why choose drylin® N low-profile guide system?

Miniature linear guides for small installation spaces  
Can be used in small installation spaces

Thanks to space-saving design with an installation height of 9-12 mm

Property icon  
Lower energy costs

Thanks to a lightweight, energy-efficient design of the low-profile guide system

Specified displacement forces with pre-load prism slide in linear low-profile guide system  
Easy to adjust and position

Thanks to specified displacement forces (carriage with pre-load prism slide)

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Quiet operation

Spring preload of the carriage and sliding element ensures quiet running

Less assembly time thanks to overmoulded carriage for linear low-profile guide system  
Less installation time

Thanks to overmoulded carriage (permanent connection between carriage and sliding element)

Less installation work with drylin® N double carriages  
Minimal installation work required

Thanks to the use of double carriage, it is possible to dispense with several carriage

Selected application examples

drylin® N low-profile guide systems are deployed particularly in places where the installation spaces are small while demands are high. The compact but tough design meets the highest demands with regard to precision and flexibility. The various widths for the guides and the wide range of guide carriages provide a great variety of application options.  

drylin® N in the 3D printer

Lightweight, flat and lubrication-free

The LOV3 delta 3D printer from PEL3O has been designed for both commercial and private use. The goal here was to address the creative mind.  The 3D printer from PEL3O operates quickly and reliably with drylin® N, without the need for maintenance.

drylin® N low-profile guide system in 3D printer

drylin® N for 3D camera

Simple and precise

Two conventional cameras are set up at an angle on a low-profile guide system to create a three-dimensional image. This trick renders an expensive 3D camera unnecessary. For this to work properly, the slight difference in the alignment of the cameras must remain identical at all times. This is made possible by a drylin® N low-profile guide system.  

drylin® N on packaging machine for bottles

No lubrication means no soiling – completely hygienic!

In this packaging machine, a gripper lifts and packages bottles. The fingers of the gripper are moved by means of a low-profile guide system. No soiling by lubricants such as oils or greases may occur at this critical point in the machine. For this reason, only one solution came into question – drylin® N.  

drylin® N in testing and sorting plant

Highest demands on hygiene in food technology

By means of a vacuum gripper test parts are removed, measured and taken to various magazines. The removal unit is moved along the X-Y axis using the space-saving and cost-saving drylin® N low-profile guide system. The robust TK-04 guide system takes on vertical guidance.

drylin® T miniature guide for higher loads

Linear rails with a compact design in 4 installation sizes

The miniature linear rails from the drylin® T product range are an alternative to the low-profile guide systems if you need to work with higher fill weights (in excess of 50 kg) or with greater precision (under 50 µ).

drylin® T miniature guide

drylin® T miniature guide  

More information on the drylin® N low-profile guide system

drylin® configurator  
Complete system configured in 5 steps

A customised drylin® N low-profile guide system for your linear application in only 5 steps.

dryspin® test laboratory  

More than 500 experiments per year in the 250 m² large test laboratory.


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