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drylin® W and drylin® T profile rails

Variety or simple one to one replacement

With drylin® T, you can rely on a tried-and-tested linear system that has identical dimensions to conventional recirculating ball bearing systems. This makes a one to one replacement very easy. drylin® W provides you with the greatest possible flexibility and variety in the design of your profile rails. Optimum load distribution is a further argument in drylin® W.

Profile guides  
drylin® W profile guides

  • Flexible arrangements with a large number of carriages, rails  and plain bearings
  • Optimum load distribution
  • Carriages in various widths and lengths
  • Curved rails available
  • Quick assembly
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Rail guide systems  
drylin® T rail guides

  • One-to-one alternative recirculating ball bearing systems
  • Identical connector and hole dimensions
  • Robust carriages with high static load capacity
  • Optionally with/without adjustable bearing clearance
  • Automatic clearance adjustment optional

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drylin® configurator  
Configure in 5 steps

  • Individual linear system
  • Quick and easy configuration
  • Calculate the service life
  • Obtain CAD drawing
  • Order or submit an enquiry online
  • Obtain further information

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drylin® linear guides can cope with high temperatures, strong vibrations and more

drylin® linear bearings are dirt-resistant  

Resistant to dirt
drylin® linear guides can be deployed even in applications involving sand, chips, swarf and dust

drylin® linear bearings are corrosion-free  

Corrosion-free and media-resistant for deployment under water

drylin® linear bearings are light  

Up to 75% lighter thanks to high-performance polymers

drylin® linear bearings are quiet  

Around 4 times quieter than equivalent linear bearings made of metal

drylin® linear bearings are hygienic  

All systems operate without external lubrication and are thus extremely clean

Low-profile guide systems for small installation spaces

The drylin® N low-profile guide system is a linear system for small installation spaces.
The small installation heights of 6 to 12 mm are especially space-saving.
The combination of plastic and anodised aluminium is especially lightweight in addition.  

To drylin® N low-profile guide system

drylin® N low-profile guide system  

More information on the drylin® linear system

New linear guides  
News 2019

All new igus® products for 2019 in one catalogue.

Test laboratory: linear guides  

More than 500 experiments per year in the 250 m² large test laboratory.

Selected linear system application examples

Stage lifting device with drylin® W

In the field of stage technology, quiet and low vibration movements are of critical importance. When moving the stage, high forces are exerted on the guide and the bearing points.
The drylin® W linear guides based on steel shafts in combination with stainless steel pillow blocks that permit quiet and low vibration movement.

Freed from dirt and dust

The mobile sawmill of Serra Maschinenbau GmbH has to work perfectly, be easy to operate and be easy to look after and maintain whatever the weather. drylin® linear technology is dirt-resistant.

Labelling - without rust

In the food and beverages industry in particular, special hygiene requirements have to be met. Machines and components must be corrosion-free as in the case of this labelling machine.


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