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High performance polymers make drylin® linear technology even more robust

With an optimum surface load, sliding elements and linear bearing liners made of high performance plastics make drylin® especially wear resistant and robust.

drylin® linear technology is especially wear-resistant and robust due to the use of sliding elements made of high performance polymers. Even in the case of high mechanical loads and the maximum recommended surface pressure of 150 MPa, the plastics dampen vibrations and absorb even severe impacts. Thanks to these properties, drylin® is suitable for indoor and outdoor use without any restrictions These advantages can easily be explained in physical terms. Due to the sliding elements and/or linear bearing liners, the drylin® linear technology is in contact with the shaft or rail over a much larger surface area and, at the same time, the surface pressure is lower than in the case of recirculating ball bearing guides. The load is thus spread out over the entire surface area of the sliding elements and linear bearing liners and is not concentrated in one place in the form of a point load as is the case with recirculating ball bearing guides.
But that is not all. The high performance polymers with Shore D hardnesses of 70 to 85 and the optimum load distribution prevent the sliding elements from eating away at the shaft and therefore enable the use of non-hardened materials. For example, shafts made of aluminium for the best friction and wear characteristics, made of carbon fibre for very low weight or made of VA stainless steel for maximum chemical resistance can be used. This makes drylin® linear technology universally usable and corrosion-free, and also reduces maintenance and down times to a minimum.
The filigree components in recirculating ball bearing guides make the guides very sensitive to impacts. Short travels lead to one-sided stress, as a result of which they wear out at a significantly faster pace. For drylin® linear technology, this is not a problem thanks to the sliding elements and linear bearing liners made of high performance polymers. The simple structure makes the system insensitive to outside influences. High speeds, high acceleration rates and rapid movement changes are also easily possible with drylin®. As up to 10 m/s and 100 G are possible, drylin® is used not only in furniture, fitness devices, dental equipment and camera technology but also in applications involving very high loads and dirty ambient conditions.

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