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See these products and product news at EMO 2023 in Hannover.

 New  Cobots: Machine loading from €4,970

ReBeL cobot
To the cobots and kinematics for machine tools
Lean, green and smart: Every new generation of machine tools tries to pack more performance into less installation space. As a result, components such as energy chains, cables and bearings need to be stronger, more durable and often more space-saving. Smart sensors guarantee safety in this development. Monitoring the condition of individual components or recommending predictive maintenance measures save costs at the same time.
But there is also a lot going on around the machine tool: Low-cost robotics enable simple and cost-effective automation, for example when loading machine tools. And numerous digital tools for engineers such as the igus metaverse or the AI-based spare parts identification, will make our customers' work easier in the future.

Lean ...

Additive Manufacturing with metal

Efficiency & automation

... Green ...

Climate change and sustainable products

Climate change & sustainable products

... and smart.

Digitisation, networking and connectivity

Digitisation & networking

Energy chain installation
Energy chains, cables, linear drives, bearings, sensors and more.

Have the prototype sampled for free

With our sampling service, we offer individual consultation and design of e-chains, cables, linear drives and bearings. We will also show you our sensors for the machine tool 4.0.

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Lean manufacturing

Efficient manufacturing & automation

Lean manufacturing describes the trend of using resources optimally, not wasting them and at the same time realising the greatest possible output. In short, it is about the most efficient or "lean" production possible. Our energy chains are also developed according to this philosophy. With the E4QL energy chain for machine tools, for example, we have achieved the greatest possible strength while saving material at the same time. We were also able to reduce costs in this way.

 New  For highly dynamic machine tools

E4QL energy chain

E4QL energy chain

Machine tools are becoming increasingly dynamic. For these requirements, the new E4QL energy chain offers the best combination of strength and weight. It can also be opened by hand, saving up to 40% assembly time.
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For medium-load ranges

Energy chain E2.1

Energy chain E2.1

When medium loads need to be guided reliably and safely in the machine tool, the E2.1 energy chain comes into play - with optimised sliding surfaces, integrated brakes and 10% more strength than its predecessor.
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Low Cost Automation

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ReBeL cobot

From €4,970 with a payload of up to 2kg: ReBeL cobot for cost-effective machine loading/machine tending. Optionally available with control system and with up to 6 degrees of freedom.
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Linear robots

Linear robots

For example, precise pick-and-place systems are required when loading assembly machines. Now you can easily configure our linear robots with payloads up to 85kg online.
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Low Cost Automation in kinematics

Other kinematic systems and accessories

Scara robot, delta robot or the 7th axis for the ReBeL cobot. We will be showing these and other kinematics, as well as new products from our Low Cost Automation range.
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Other energy chains and accessories

Ready-to-install energy chains including cables and connectors
readycable: harnessed cables with a guarantee of up to 36 months
E4Q e-chain® with extender crossbars: efficiently guide hoses
Save 50% on costs: Tandem roller bearings make it easier to move doors.
Multi-tiewrap plate: strain relief for cables in tight spaces
Pneumatic clamps for reliable clamping of hoses
Machine tool

User story: efficient guidance

Green solutions

Climate change & sustainable products

Since 2018, we have been increasingly focussing on sustainability in production and products. As a result, there are new linear and plain bearings as well as a new energy chain that comes from recycled material from our own production. And our Chainge recycling program for disused energy chains has been expanded to include an online marketplace for regranulate.

 New  100% regranulable transport rack

Customised, fast, sustainable. Our "rack", the transport frame on which the energy chains are delivered, is now 100% regranulable and reusable. With the first additively manufactured cornstarch e-chain rack, you can also reduce the CO2footprint of your machine tool.

▶ More information about the readychain p-rack

cradle-chain: recycled energy chain

cradle-chain The new catalogue product range E2.1.CG consists of 100% recycled material - with the same technical specifications and load limits as energy chains made of standard material igumid G.
More information about the cradle-chain

 New  Chainge recycling and online marketplace

chainge Not only energy chains can be recycled via a new online platform, but also other technical plastic components. At the same time, users can buy material that has already been processed in the form of regranulate via the platform.
To the Chainge platform

Other products

E4.1R rol e-chain with less drive energy required
Eco linear bearing: recycled adapter for liners
Lubrication-free hybrid roller bearing with double roller

Smart engineering

Digitisation & networking

We deal intensively with topics related to digital transformation. This includes our smart plastics - i.e. our products in combination with intelligent sensor technology, which, for example, enable condition monitoring or predictive maintenance. But there are also many services related to the topic of "enjoyneering". This includes, for example, the igus metaverse, intelligent spare part identification or new apps such as igus GO.
igus enjoyneering

 New  Tools for engineers: enjoyneering

Developing machine tools, designing components, discussing solutions. In the igus VR universe – the iguverse – engineers discuss and plan their machine tools in one room, regardless of location. These and other digital tools are what we call "enjoyneering": Unleash your engineering power with play.

▶ Discover all our digital tools
igus metaverse

igus metaverse: "iguverse"

In this digital environment, collaborative engineering takes place on the machine tool in virtual space.
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igus GO: Application recognition

igus GO: Application recognition

From the excavator up to the machine tool: simply photograph the application and we will show you where our products can be used.
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Spare part identification

Spare part identification

Photograph the igus product on the machine, let the app determine the exact spare part and reorder directly online.
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smart plastics - sensors and accessories

Condition monitoring for 3D cable guidance on the robot
Service life sensor for cost-effective real-time monitoring
First contactless monitoring of energy chains
Second-generation predictive maintenance
Integration of the FIELD system from Fanuc in our i.Cee app
Drawing circuit diagrams: EPLAN macros from smart plastics
Energy chains

Overview of energy chains

igus blogs on machine tools

igus blogs: topics and trends

Meet in person for advice

Free sampling

Fill out the form and we will provide samples for your prototype free of charge. Including consulting and designing for your machine tool.
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Virtual trade show stand

Did you miss the last trade show? In our virtual trade show stand for the machine tool industry, you will find the most important products at a glance.
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