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Robolink Accessories

Due to order peaks, the delivery time for single items is 10-15 working days longer than stated. Please refer to our order confirmation for the specific delivery date. For urgent, short-term requirements, please contact us personally so that we can realise the delivery time necessary for you. You will find your contact person at the top of the menu under "My contact person", next to the language/country selection, or on this page.

Number of products: 3

Base for robolink® DP
  • Base for table installation of robolink® DP
  • Compatible for robolink® RL-DP with 4 and 5 DOF
robolink® RL-DP energy chain set
Save time and costs.
Quick and easy integration with the complete energy chain set suitable for the robolink® DP.
robolink® DP with driverless transport system from MiR | Plug & Play kit
  • Height: 1,780mm
  • Unloading height: min. 600mm, max. 1500mm
  • Total weight: 22.4kg + 62.5kg
  • Supported container sizes: 300 x 400mm (400 x 600m upon request)
  • Typical application areas: bin picking, transport of KLTs, products and objects, autonomous loading and unloading, intelligent identification, gripping, sorting or assembling of objects, quality inspection, service


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