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Gear made of plastic - extra light and low-wear

Every robot is as good as its gearboxes

Robot gearboxes are part of the joints in robot arms. The joints ensure manoeuvrability while the gearboxes determine the speed and direction of movement. They are the link between the motor that supplies the drive energy and a machine component that has the task of executing a planned movement.
Gearboxes made of high-performance polymers: lubrication-free, lightweight and shock-resistant
Our decades of experience with high-performance polymers enable the ideal development of our plastic gearboxes.
Due to the freedom from lubrication, the joints are low maintenance and can withstand very high application cycles. 
All drygear joints are modular; they can be extended as required and integrated into existing systems. 
The drygear® gearboxes are particularly favoured for robot arms for quality control or sorting. But the gearboxes are also used for rotary axes or sliding applications.

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Gearboxes for robots

The heart of your robot: buy gearboxes with or without motor

Versatile and flexible applications with modular gearboxes

Modular gearbox system

Apiro modular gearbox system

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Strain wave gear

drygear® strain wave drive

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Rotary axes

drygear® worm gear with motor (rotary axes)

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Worm gears

drygear® worm gear without motor

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Service life

At least 1 million cycles

Test runs

More than 850 test runs a year


Over 6 years of experience

drygear test laboratory

Tested and proven: individual customer tests in the drygear® test laboratory

  • Which gearbox is best suited for your application? What are the maximum loads possible?
  • What torque speed can be achieved?
  • What mechanical service life can I expect for my application?
Around 50 in-house drygear® test stations are available for individual customer tests. We also test our gearboxes daily for active research and development.  

Easy handling - operated manually or automatically

Simple, fast and uncomplicated format adjustments. With the modular Apiro gearbox system, you can set up your own lane adjustment using different gear ratios and length variants.

Assembly in minutes and simple replacement of gearboxes

Connect stepper motors to robolink® joints.
Replace motor with worm gear in a robolink® joint


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