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drygear® Apiro: modular gearbox system for various applications

Individual applications can be implemented with the drygear® Apiro modular gearbox system in an extremely modular and cost-effective manner. Possible applications can be in packaging, food, medical and many other industries. Lane adjustments, pusher tasks, gearboxes with different gear ratios, slewing rings and rotary axes can be used there. The modular gearbox system can be motorised or used for manual adjustments.  
The Apiro modular system offers different gear ratios but also length variants, so that there are endless possibilities for combinations and applications.

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drygear® Apiro STEP file

Cost-effective modular gearbox system with durable components

Apiro modular system  

  • Worm gear with tribologically optimised material compounds
  • Motor drive or manual drive
  • Modules can be connected in series or in parallel 
  • INI kit available for all options
  • 85%, non-condensing
  • Application temperature: +5°C to +50°C
  • Suitable for splash water applications
  • Couplings available
  • Lightweight
  • Lubrication-free
  • Low clearance

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Versatile and flexible applications with modular gearboxes

For simple and complicated movements

Rotary axis application

  • Gearbox with 32:1 ratio with Nema 17 motor with encoder and connector
  • For rotary indexing tables or rotary axis movement
  • Example applications: laboratory area or assembly tasks

Apiro rotary axis movement

Pusher application (sliding application)

  • Cantilever axis coupled with gearbox and Nema 17 motor
  • Allows different strokes in the application
  • Rack and pinion elements included

Pusher application

Pusher application (sliding application)

  • Gearbox with 64:1 ratio and Nema 23 motor
  • Up to 1m stroke length possible
  • Sample application: greenhouses, window adjustments, as well as other adjustments for furniture such as windows, doors, cabinets

Pusher application

Press-fit procedures

  • Cantilever axis coupled with a gearbox and Nema 17 motor
  • Sample application: press-fit procedures during assembly
  • Up to 25N possible

Press-fit procedure

Lane adjustment

  • Multi-functional profile connected to a gearbox with 32:1 ratio and Nema 17 motor
  • Sample application: packaging industry, e.g. for conveyor belts

Lane adjustment

Fast rotation

  • Two gearboxes with 32:1 ratio connected by a multifunction profile and a Nema 17 motor
  • Sample application: rolling doors

Rotational motion

Removal of products

  • Interlocking system; gearbox with rotary disc and cantilever axis
  • Installed on a drylin linear robot
  • Sample application: logistics, sorting tasks, vertical farming

Pick and Place

Cartesian robot

  • Combination of gearboxes and cantilever axes with multi-functional profile and an igus e-chain
  • Sample application: Pick and Place tasks, e.g. for vending machines, vertical farming, pharmacies

Cartesian robot

Height adjustment

  • Coupled gearbox with 64:1 ratio and Nema 17 motor
  • Sample applications: height adjustments, e.g. for extractor hoods or lamps

Height adjustment

Tech up

Tech up  

  • Application examples from the drygear Apiro modular gearbox system
  • Tips on superstructures up to incl. parts lists
  • Extensive selection aid for application implementation

Cost down

Cost down  

  • Cost-effective gearboxes made of solid plastic
  • Modular design for manual and motor-operated adjustments
  • Fast conversion possible



  • Worm gears made of tribologically optimised igus high-performance polymers
  • 40% better performance through iglidur® A180



drygear® Apiro - Tested and proven

40% better performance through iglidur® A180

Service life in cycles: Apiro worm gear made of iglidur® A180 on aluminium h.c.
i=32, 20rpm at 3.5Nm
Continuous quality testing at our in-house test laboratory - also for customer applications We are also happy to test your application in order to better assess application scenarios.


Installation instructions drygear Apiro


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 1. Describe your individual application The modular gearbox system enables a wide range of automation applications with simple and complex motion sequences.  
2. We select the optimal components for you Our experts will find the optimal solution for you with as few components as possible.
3. Easy installation The gearbox construction kit is modular in design, so that different kinematics can be implemented by simply plugging them together  

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Assembly instructions for download


Instruction: Cantilever axis


Instruction: Multi-functional profile


Instruction: Cantilever axis with drive pin

The gearboxes and components at a glance

Robot gearbox with drive pin  
Gearbox with drive pin

The standard version among the Apiro gearboxes: the gearbox with drive pin enables a direct drive connection.  Available gear ratios: 4:1, 32:1, 64:1, optionally also: 3:1, 5:1, 8:1, 16:1

Gearbox with multi-functional profile  
Gearbox with multi-functional profile

With the help of the multi-functional profile, series connections of gears can be implemented, as spacings of elements or products can be regulated. This combination is often used for applications in the food or packaging industry.

Gearbox with rotary disc  
Gearbox with rotary disc

This gearbox is particularly suitable for slewing ring applications, as it can be used also as a rotary axis. For example, it can be used in laboratory automation.

Gearbox with coupling  
Gearbox with coupling

The coupling can be used to attach various shafts with a maximum diameter of 12 millimetres. An exemplary application is the adaptation to linear axes.

Cantilever axes  
Cantilever axes

The linear gearbox enables different strokes in the application.   Rack and pinion elements included. Configurable in different lengths, for example, for sliding applications.


The drygear Apiro accessories allow different installation options for vertical, axial horizontal movements and profile stop (more information in the data sheet).


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