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iglidur A181: The all-rounder for food applications29/08/2016

Lubrication-free and maintenance-free high-performance plastic iglidur A181 establishes a remarkable presence in the food and packaging industry

Avoidance of lubricants is an important criterion particularly in the food and packaging industries. The motion plastics specialist igus has different lubrication-free and maintenance-free plain bearing materials in the product range, which meet the requirements of FDA and EU Regulation 10/2011 EC. Among these materials, iglidur A181 is the "all-rounder" – it achieves low wear rates especially in combination with corrosion-resistant shaft types.

In the processing of food and drink, the ability to offer consistently safe products to the consumer is crucial. With iglidur A181 the motion plastics specialist igus offers a lubrication-free and maintenance-free plastic for precisely these requirements. The iglidur A181 material complies with EC Directive 10/2011 EC and also with FDA (Food and Drug Administration) specifications for repeated contact with food. In addition, iglidur A181 fulfills, like all iglidur materials, the RoHS specifications. Because, based on the principle of the incorporated dry lubrication, the iglidur bearing technology exclusively uses non-metallic and RoHS-safe ingredients for the compounds made of tribologically optimised base polymers, solid lubricants and fillers.

Versatile application
Therefore, iglidur A181 proves to be a real all-rounder in this industry: both in bottling and packaging plants the high-performance plastic is ideally suited for rotary as well as pivoting movements, and in particular for the stainless steel shafts used in these applications. "Due to a variety of properties coupled with good price/performance ratio, especially in the food sector, the iglidur A181 enjoys a great popularity among our customers," says René Achnitz, head of the iglidur plain bearings division. As a material from the iglidur full range, the iglidur A181 can now be ordered in more than 110 dimensions up to 50 millimetres diameter, with or without flange, from a quantity of 1 and at a favourable price. For further dimensions or individual components, the 14 different diameters of the round bars of the bar stock will suffice. Extensions of the product range or a customised component production are feasible at any time. Thanks to the online tools on the igus website, the iglidur A181 can be configured and immediately ordered online.

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