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Why chainflex®?: the most cost-effective cable that works is the best solution for the customer.

Because our cables reduce costs & and improve technology

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Electrotechnical equivalent energy chain cables with core cross section of 4x1.5mm²
  • Control cable CF880, bend radius 12.5xd and PVC outer jacket: low-cost version
  • Control cable CF5, smaller bend radius 6.8xd with PVC outer jacket and oil resistance: greater technical advantage leads to slightly higher price per metre
  • Control cable CF98, cable resistant to oil/organic oil, with TPE outer jacket and a bend radius of only 4xd: higher price due to greater technical advantage

Benefit from our variety of cables. From low-cost solutions with PVC outer jacket to high-end TPE cables. Everything in line with our motto: Cost down, life up!
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Because, the right cable selection significantly reduces life cycle costs

Checklist helps in making complex purchasing decisions

Function units for transmitting energy to machines require a large number of electrical cables, often mainly thin and cost-effective control cables like this new generation of the CF8xx cable series. Mostly available as sold by the metre, many cables are similar in structure and have electrically identical specifications. In the rarest of cases, however, do cables that are supposedly cost-effective to purchase meet the requirements of complex machines and applications. This often leads to downtime and high repair costs later on - with correspondingly negative effects on Life Cycle Costing (LCC) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
In order to avoid that and also significantly reduce the cost, the checklist presented in this free white paper can help decision makers. The list presents the key factors for cable selection and illustrates the relevance of the essential parameters for all decision makers.
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Reduce life cycle costs with

Because we give you a 36 month guarantee on our cables

36 month chainflex® guarantee Since the middle of the 1980s, the technical requirements of energy chain systems on the part of the machine and plant manufacturers have been steadily increasing. Travels have become longer, movements quicker and bend radii smaller.  Core and jacket damage, jacket abrasion and corkscrews were the consequences for machine builders and end customers. igus faced the challenges and together with the University of Applied Sciences, Cologne, developed cables that could withstand a high degree of mechanical stress. 
After extensive tests in the igus test lab, it became clear that the cables with cores wound in bundles, short pitch lengths, high tensile strength centre elements and gusset-filling extruded outer jackets exceeded expectations. Meanwhile, the  product range comprises over 1,350 cables for different application areas. Since 2013, igus has guaranteed a service life of 36 months or up to 10 million double strokes, depending on which occurs first.

Because igus customers use our cables successfully

chainflex UL label

Because, chainflex cables deliver what they promise

UL verified: chainflex receives the highest recognition by globally recognised testing organisation

We issue a 36-month guarantee on our cables with confidence, as we are able to make reliable predictions about the service life of our cables due to over 30 years of experience in our 3,800m² test laboratory and 700 concurrently undertaken experiments.
igus is now the first German firm to have this promise validated for chainflex cables. In a complex certification process, the US "Underwriters Laboratories" institute confirmed the accuracy of the "igus 36-month chainflex cable guarantee and service life calculator based on 2 billion test cycles per year" promise. This makes the Cologne-based company the first in Europe to have the veracity of an advertising statement confirmed by a testing institution. In future, every chainflex® cable that leaves the factory anywhere in the world will be identified by the UL marketing label with its unique number (B129699), referring to igus®.
A total of 1044 of the over 1350 cables in the portfolio and available from stock, already have classic UL approval. This is a prerequisite for the smooth commissioning of plant in the USA. The export of plant to America will therefore run smoothly. The combination of UL approval and a UL marketing label benefits exports twice over.
These statements create reliability and planning security for your entire investment process; all the more so now that they have been confirmed by an external body! Try it out yourself online with the certified service life calculation for chainflex® cables:
chainflex® service life calculator

Select the best cable yourself quickly and easily:

chainflex®: how do I reach the shop?

Step 1: go to online shop

On our homepage, you will quickly find our chainflex cables for moving applications.
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Step 2: select cable structure

Filter your cables, e.g. according to number of cores and conductor nominal cross section or further requirements.
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Step 3: select cable solution

Receive a selection of suitable cables and hence reduce costs and improve technology.

Further information

chainflex® test lab

Tested on a floor area of 3,800m²

Two billion annual test cycles for guaranteed safety against failure.
chainflex® catalogue for moving applications

chainflex catalogue

chainflex® works: worldwide No. 1 in terms of testing.


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