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chainflex® cables make a solar-powered off-road vehicle fit for the world record

Sought and found: resilient cables for off-road use

Solar vehicles have been developed at the Bochum University for 18 years. The current model "Froggee" is due to cross the Australian desert, setting a new world record in the process. The buggy will carry chainflex® servo cables from igus®, which are ideally suited for thermal and mechanical loads it will experience.
The team wants to design and develop their SolarBuggy by themselves, in such a way that it can cope with the toughest conditions for off-road vehicles, sand and dunes without problems. Against this background, all components have to cope with the tough demands and at the same time have a low weight.

SolarBuggy and solar panels in Australian desert

The properties of the igus® servo cables are convincing

Solarbuggy with chainflex® cables

The chainflex® servo cables in the SolarBuggy have a special conductor design that ensures the high current carrying capacity and withstands the mechanical loads due to motion and vibration, so that there are no interruptions to the power supply.
"The cables are shielded, provide DC and AC voltage and have a high electromagnetic resistance to external influences," explains Kay Bollerhof of the SolarBuggy team. "As they are very tough, they are ideally suited to thermal and mechanical stress in Australia," he continues.

This is what the servo cables by igus® can do

Available with or without inner jacket

Depending on the type, they are flame-retardant, coolant-resistant and oil-resistant, and cold-flexible

Tested in the igus® test laboratory under realistic conditions

Maximum service life and guaranteed reliability

Low bend radius (in the case of the SolarBuggy e.g. 7.5 xd)

Halogen-free and silicone-free due to their PUR outer jacket

Used product:

CF270.UL.350.01.D chainflex® cable from igus®