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Advantages of the modular Low Cost Robotics articulated arm

Modular approach

Low cost

High flexibility: freely-selectable end effectors

Lightweight construction

Precision ≤ 1 mm

2-5 degrees of freedom (DOF)

Return on Investment (ROI) after 4 to 7 months (depending on control system)


Free CAD downloads

Design and simulate robolink® online

robolink® from igus® offers you two ways of benefiting from the advantages of Low Cost Automation:
1. Create your own individual solution.
2. Choose one of our pre-configured robolink® articulated arms.


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You have the choice: ready-to-use complete system or custom solution

robolink® DCi  
Buy - robolink® DCi

The robolink® DCi is delivered with a perfectly matched control system and software for intuitive programming. The system can therefore be used immediately and you can set up your own automation process in no time.
» Buy robolink® DCi here
» More information

robolink® D Komplettsystem Roboterarm  
Build - a complete robot arm (electro-mechanical)

Select the desired robolink® model in our shop and combine it with its own control system. All complete systems consist of robolink® joints, suitable drive motors and connecting plates tailored to each other.
» Buy complete robot arms here
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robolink® selber konfigurieren  
Build - a customised solution

Configure and order your own robot arm quickly and easily with the intuitive robolink® designer. We provide CAD files and data sheets of our robolink® products free of charge so that you can better plan your automation project.
» Configure your system yourself with robolink® designer
» Go to the CAD files

Selected application examples

Articulated and linear robots for cost-effective automation

An example from the igus® range: assembly of multi-axis articulated robolink® and drylin® gantry robots with matching control system as a pick&place unit, automated together, plus fully lubrication and maintenance-free e-chains® in the igus® factory in Cologne.
Do you have any questions on robolink®? We have already answered  the most common questions in an extensive FAQ section.

In order to automate monotonous sorting work, MATRIUM GmbH combined its own components with individual robolink® components in order to configure a customised solution for the shown sorting process.


In order to remove mobile phone half-shells from a hazardous area of a machine with coolant spraying water, a robolink® articulated arm is used by a machine tool manufacturer.


Configure and simulate robolink®

Screenshot of the robolink® designer  

Configure a robolink® articulated arm according to your requirements and simulate movement sequences. A finished robolink® robot including parts list is just a few clicks away.

robolink® blog - stay informed

Martin Raak programmes robolink® robot arms  

Product Manager Martin Raak writes about product innovations, creative application examples and provides exclusive insights into the development of robolink®.

Development history

robolink® development history  

igus® has been developing modular, robotic articulated arms and their associated tools since 2009. Here you can find out how it all began and what progress robolink® has made.

robolink® News

robolink® News 2017  

Find out what's new: Learn all about new robolink® products, components and important news directly from us.

Get important information now about Low Cost Robotics in practice:
What are the advantages of low-cost robots?
How do I optimise production with a low-cost robot?
What should I consider when buying and installing a robot?
These and many more questions are answered in the e-book written by Dr. Sebastian Feldmann.


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