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Curved linear guide with radii that can be chosen individually

Based on the proven drylin® W series, igus® is offering curved linear guides that are customised and equipped with guide carriages specifically developed for use with rails of various radii. This gives rise to innovative solutions for applications with limited installation space in such areas as operating ergonomics, stage technology, and utility vehicle driver's cabs, where monitors and control systems are designed in a radius that ensures safe, easy access.   

  • Lubrication-free drylin® W carriages for curved rails
  • Variable profile designs (concave, convex, curved bends)
  • Torque-resistant alternative to curved tube profiles
  • Bending option depending on the radius, rail length, bearing/carriage and mounting
  • Customer-specific project service (radii, rail profiles, coating)
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igus® curved rails

drylin® W double rail, WSB, round, quarter circle


drylin® W double rail, WSB, round, full circle


drylin® W double rail, WSB, round, half circle


drylin® W double rail, WSB, square, quarter circle


drylin® W double rail, WSB, round, convex


drylin® W double rail, WSB, square, half circle


drylin® W double rail, WSB, square, convex


drylin® W carriage for curved rail, pre-loaded with manual clamp

drylin-WKB-10-40-HKA_VA class=

drylin® W individual bearings for curved rails, WI3UBP


Versatile construction solutions with curved linear guides


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