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The guidelok slimline F in 6 meter lifting height

In this application, a guidelok slimline (GLSL-F) was installed in a storage and retrieval machine with a lifting height of 6 meters. The storage and retrieval unit of the firm IMA Klessmann GmbH in collaboration with the company Mlog travels at 3 m/s² and 2.5 m² in the alley and with 3 m/s and 3 m² in the lift. Thus, the possible dynamic values ​​for the guidelok slimline F are far from exhausted, because accelerations up to 10 m/s² and speeds up to 7 m/s are possible with the energy chain.

More advantages for customers:

quick and easy assembly


Significant cost savings

Absolute functional reliability, even at high speeds and accelerations

No knocking of the energy chain: Significant noise reduction

Energy, data and media in a system are conducted safely and without interruption

guidelok slimeline
guidelok slimeline

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