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guidelok slimline "P" and "P. S": made completely of plastic

guidelok slimline  

Lower priced, lighter but easier to install – guidelok slimline "P" and "P.S" – made completely of plastic

Guide trough for vertical applications, especially for storage and retrieval units of all kinds, now with even lighter components and simplified installation. Locking lever and guide rails prevent the energy chain from swaying or swinging outwards.

Significant savings in costs and weight when compared with a complete housing

Now for especially narrow aisles as well

This also means low transport costs

Fast, safe and easy assembly with clip-on guide rails

Reduced noise

Easy access for servicing

Energy, data and media are guided in one system safely and without interruption

Typical application areas:Storage and retrieval equipment, lifters, construction and crane lifts, automatic car parks, ship lifts

guidelok slimline "P"


guidelok slimline "P. S"


Assembly instructions for the guidelok slimline P

guidelok applications  
Solutions for storage and retrieval equipment and lifters

A look at various applications with the guidelok guidance.

Dimensions [mm]

part. no. guidelok P e-chain®-series Inner width Bending radii
Bi [mm] R [mm]
GLSL.P.255. 10.150.LLLL/FFFF 255 103 150  Request
GLSL.P.2700.10.150.LLLL/FFFF 2700 100 150  Request

Dimensions [mm]

Part No. guidelok P. S e-chains® series Inner width Bend radius
Bi [mm] R [mm]
GLSL.P. S.255. 10.150.LLLL/FFFF 255 103 150  Enquiries
GLSL.P. S.2700.10.150.LLLL/FFFF 2700 100 150  Enquiries

Previous model: guidelok slimline "F": Up to 7 m/s and 10 m/s2

In highly dynamic storage and retrieval systems a horizontal movement speed exceeding 7 m/s is not uncommon. With the igus® guidelok slimline "classic", the e-chains® are guided safely, even at high speeds.

Up to 7 m/s und 10 m/s2.

Save up to 80% troughs.

For hanging applications up to 50 m.

No swinging of the chain®, high reliability due to the locking mechanism and guide rails.

Quick and easy assembly.

Reduced noise.

Easy access for servicing.

Energy, data and media in one system

Typical applications: Storage and retrieval equipment, lifts, builder's and crane lifts, hoists, automatic miniload warehouses


Installation instructions guidelok slimline "classic"

Dimensions [mm]

Part.No. e-chain®-series Inner width Max. speed Bending radii    
    Bi [mm] Vertical [m/s] Horizontal [m/s] R [mm]    
GLSL.F+.255.10.R 255 103 4 7 150    Enquiries
GLSL.F+.2700.10.R 2700 100 4 7 150    Enquiries