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Corrugated tube and corrugated tube accessories

In certain areas it is necessary for the cable only to be able to move in one spatial direction in the application. Our e-rib corrugated tube system stabilises the cables in such a way that no unwanted motions are possible. Its closed design offers additional protection of the cable and hence increases its service life. Due to the self-supporting function of the guiding elements at the sides it can be used in small installation spaces -  despite far reach. In the cleanroom area, the e-skin® energy supply is used. The system has been developed specially for cleanrooms and impresses with its closed design and the reclosable opening mechanism.
Typical industries and applications:  standing and hanging applications, pick & place, printer, medical technology...

Energy chain



e-skin® cleanroom energy chains

Cleanroom energy supply

  • Inner height: 28 to 40mm
  • Can be opened and closed like a zipper
  • Less installation space required
  • Protection against dust and water ingress
  • IPA classification 1
  • Second prize in the 2018 Fraunhofer clean technology awards



Corrugated tube systems

  • Available in four sizes for hose nominal widths NW23, NW29, NW36 and NW48
  • Can be easily retrofitted
  • Longer service life for cables in corrugated tubes

SCARA solution


Scara corrugated hose reinforcement

  • for nominal hose widths NW29 or I-PISG-29B/S
  • The backbone for your Scara robot
  • Can be easily retrofitted
  • For increasing the service life of corrugated hoses used for Scara robots.

PMA cable protection hoses

PMA cable protection hoses

  • To protect flexible, electric cables


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