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Discover abrasion-resistant 3D printing innovations live at Formnext

Extremely abrasion-resistant, self-lubricating 3D printing materials, for use in your own 3D printer or in the igus® 3D printing service. This is what our iglidur® plain bearing materials are made for. Many innovations now make this possible in even more applications, such as iglidur® i3000, the first abrasion-resistant 3D printing resin for DLP 3D printing and the new service life calculator for individual components.

Visit us at Europe's largest trade show for additive manufacturing
from 15 – 18/11/2022 in Frankfurt am Main.

Experience large-format 3D printing live at the igus® trade show stand and receive the large-format 3D printer design data, including the 3D model and electrical diagram, upon request. There are also many other exciting additive manufacturing and 3D printer construction innovations to discover.

We look forward to seeing you and confronting your challenges because finding new ways to improve what moves is what drives us forward together.

Arrange an individual appointment ahead of time with one of our experts at the igus® trade show stand at Formnext – you decide what you want to see and how much time you have. We look forward to welcoming you to our stand (D60 in Hall 12.1).

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New products – New 3D printing materials, methods, and services

Wear-resistant tribo-resin for DLP 3D printing

Worm wheel and ball bearing cage made of 3D printed resin

iglidur® i3000 gives igus® the world's first 3D printing resin developed specifically for DLP 3D printing of wear-resistant parts. The parts made of the synthetic resin and cured layer by layer with UV light feature very fine details and an extremely long service life. Now available in the igus® 3D printing service and the material shop.

More about the iglidur® i3000 resin

iglidur® i6-BLUE laser sintering material for food contact

3D printing food-safe laser sintering FDA

The iglidur® i6-BLUE laser sintering material is another wear-resistant 3D printing plastic tested for food conformity and approved in accordance with FDA and EU 10/2011 requirements. The blue colour ensures the necessary optical detectability. Ready to ship in the 3D printing service starting at three days.

More about food-safe 3D printing

igumid® P190 high-strength, fibre-reinforced filament

Fibre-reinforced 3D printing filament

The igumid® P190 fibre-reinforced 3D printing filament was developed specifically as a partner material for iglidur® i190 for manufacturing especially strong, low-friction components with the multi-material printing process. Its great strength and rigidity also make igumid® P190 suitable for printing strong structural parts.

More about igumid® P190

Online service life calculator for custom components

Service life calculator for 3D printed gears

The service life calculation newly integrated into the 3D printing service tool now allows very easy service life calculation for individual components in sliding applications. Users thus receive all information on price, delivery time, and expected component service life in a single tool.

More about the new service life calculator

print2mold® 2.0 - improved tooling system

Injection moulding tool 3D printed from metal

In the print2mold® service, we produce injection moulded parts with moulds 3D printed from metal. This greatly reduces cost and time. An improved tooling system now makes injection moulded parts available even faster, and they cost as much as 80% less to produce than with milled injection moulding tools.

More about the print2mold® service

3D printing service for large-format components (up to 3m)

Large-format 3D printing

The new medium-sized printer now enables igus® to offer large-format parts (up to 1m) in its 3D printing service with improved precision, at a better price, and with a shorter delivery time. Additive manufacturing can reduce costs and material usage by up to 80%.

More about large-format 3D printing

Innovations for the 3D printer design

► Discover our self-lubricating solutions for the 3D printer design

Fixed flange bearings for high precision and low clearance

drylin® W360CM fixed flange bearings

Higher rigidity for especially low clearance at the operating point characterises the W360CM-series linear plain bearings for drylin® R round shaft guides. The new fixed flange bearing is corrosion-free and available in three sizes – for column guides with igus® round shafts made of aluminium, steel, and stainless steel.

More about the drylin® W360CM bearing

dryspin® zero-backlash lead screw nuts

dryspin® zero-backlash lead screw nuts on an aluminium lead screw

One of the most precise solutions for reducing axial clearance is the zero backlash lead screw nut. It consists of several components and is self-adjusting. It is particularly well suited to lead screw drives with high helix threads for quick adjustment of small loads.

More about the dryspin® zero backlash nut

Small & spring-loaded miniature guide

drylin T miniature

drylin® T miniature guides are ideal for adjustments in small and limited installation spaces.
For installation sizes 09, 12, and 15, igus® has developed new linear carriages with selectable spring pre-load. They feature controlled friction with defined displacement forces and quiet, rattle-free operation.

More about the drylin® T miniature guide


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