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► More than 5000 active customers worldwide reduce costs with wear-resistant 3D printing solutions

3D printed gears in the roof-mounted water cannon of an airport fire-extinguishing vehicle For repair of the roof-mounted water cannons of airport fire-extinguishing vehicles, the maintenance technicians of Fraport AG found cost-effective replacement parts in the form of printed gears made of iglidur i3 that satisfied the high load-capacity requirements.
The gears printed in 3D in the stepper motor help swivel the searchlight. Standby GmbH needed suitable durable gears for the small stepper motors in its newly developed searchlight mounted on emergency vehicle roofs. The wear-resistant 3D-printed gears made of iglidur i3 have proved to be the most suitable for this purpose.
The blood sample is taken from the patient and placed in the device. High concentrations of the protein troponin in the blood indicate possible heart attack. To measure concentrations precisely, a stepper motor rotor has to achieve an angular displacement of less than 0.1 degrees. 3D-printed gears made of iglidur i3 play a decisive role here.
The microscope camera 3D-printed clamps from iglidur i151 ensure precise microscope camera panning for real-time recording of the electrical micro-component printing process.
The illusion of the floating object can be achieved with two linear movements and one rotation. A 3D printed gear improved tolerances and ensured smooth "floating".
DIY race car simulator Modern DIY motion simulators generate loud operating noises. How can 3D-printed igus sliding components greatly reduce mechanical simulator noise? Find out more in the following use case.
Special mounting bracket made of igumid P190 using the filament extrusion process to attach the energy chain of the 3D printer to the rail guide With igumid P190, a special mounting bracket for the igus energy chains could be produced, which enables a more compact design of the large-format 3D printer and thus saves space and money.
A device manufactured from iglidur I190 in 3D printing so that the rails rest at right angles on the profile saw's working surface. A device was manufactured from iglidur i190 in 3D printing so that drylin rails will rest at right angles on a profile saw's working surface. An optimal solution for precise cutting of large orders.
3D printed sliders in rope-free lift The complex special slider was urgently needed on the construction site in the Thyssenkrupp testing tower. The igus 3D printing service was able to deliver it within 48 hours.
A bevel gear drive made of iglidur I3 keeps to a precise schedule in the dispensers for personally packaged medications. A complex bevel gear was required for the drive unit of a dispenser. The dosing unit's small installation space meant that only 3D printed components could be used, since they were able to meet the complex geometry and requirements.
Device to compensate for the Earth's rotation in order to allow long exposures for astrophotography. To allow long exposures in astrophotography, a device with a gear and motor was developed to counteract the Earth's rotation. The gear made of iglidur i150 ensures precision and stability.
3D printed finger joints in therapeutic use Light, filigree and resilient - The Technische Hochschule Zurich (ETHZ university) uses finger joints made of iglidur i6 for the speedy manufacture of tailor-made hand exoskeletons.
Plain bearings made of iglidur J2 were produced significantly more cost-effectively and faster in the print2mold process than with ordinary injection moulding. For an AI-controlled waste separation system, the company ZenRobotics needed plain bearings with a special geometry. Thanks to the igus print2mold process, the components could be produced quickly and more cost-effectively.
Rocket module for measuring the movement and position of objects in space With igus components, it was possible to develop an ejection mechanism that helps to collect real data on the movement and position of objects in space and thus remove space debris.
The ball bearings made of iglidur I150 minimize steering inaccuracy on the 3D-printed "Chameleon" vehicle. The steering system of the 3D-printed vehicle had too much clearance and quickly became inaccurate. Ball bearings made of the iglidur i150 tribo-filament ensured precise, stable device rotation.
3D printed lead screw in a fully automatic coffee machine "The 3D printed component made of iglidur totally convinced us in terms of its quality, stability, strength and dimensional accuracy as well as its operating characteristics between shaft end support and lead screw. " Project team of the Maschinenbauschule (School of Mechanical Engineering) in Ansbach
3D printed components for rear wings In order to ensure easy and sustained adjustment of an innovative rear spoiler, parts made of tribologically optimised iglidur polymers are used at the support points on the wing so that low-friction and maintenance-free adjustment is possible.
For a small ball bearing cage series, the injection moulding tool was produced using 3D printing. The costs were reduced by a factor of 50, and the tool was ready for use within three days. For a small ball bearing cage series, the injection moulding tool was produced using 3D printing. The costs were reduced by a factor of 50, and the tool was ready for use within three days.
Split prototype plain bearing made of iglidur I3 A plain bearing broke in a WAREMA Sonnenschutztechnik GmbH moving rack, causing a delay in production. 3D printed prototypes made of iglidur i3 facilitated a new split plain bearing design that allowed faster replacement.
Glide pad adapter clips for the transition between glide pad and glide bar To make the igus energy chains more durable, adapter clips for the transition between glide pad and chain were developed. The adapters made of iglidur i6 were printed and tested together with the 3D printing team. Conclusion: "Comparable to injection moulding."
3D-printed mechanical clockwork made of iglidur I150 filament Thanks to the tribologically optimised iglidur i150 filament, components in the movement that are exposed to particularly high mechanical load were able to achieve a significantly longer service life and a more regular escapement rate than parts made of conventional PLA.
3D printed replacement parts in a grand piano A classic grand piano has been given new hammers made of iglidur i3. Pianists who have tested it say it's "like swapping an Austin Seven for a Ferrari".
3D printed gear in a tractor "That works like a well-oiled machine - only better!" The broken gear of a tractor used by igus was reverse-engineered and printed within a few hours.
3D printed bearing in a pram Replacing the regular plastic plain bearing with a 3D printed model made of iglidur i3 means that the pram no longer has to be lubricated and now runs very smoothly.
Replacement gears made of iglidur I3 for an e-bike planetary gearbox Because the manufacturer was unable to supply spare parts for his e-bike's gearbox, the customer had igus print gears made of iglidur i3. The result is improved performance and complete satisfaction.
3D printed reverse thread roller in a winding machine 50% cost reduction, delivery within a few days, improved sliding properties and longer service life. The replacement part made of iglidur i3 improves the machine and reduces costs at Conti Tech Schlauch GmbH.
Gas ring with 3D printed components The cost-effective and fast manufacture of small volumes of abrasion-resistant special parts persuaded the company Kempf to use sliding elements made of iglidur i3 in its 'Darios' accelerator ring.
Vintage speedometer Even after it had been in use for more than 2,000 miles in a vintage car, the customer was unable to detect any signs of wear on the replicated intermediate shaft with toothed gear made of iglidur i6.
3D printed pinions in a racing car Robust pinion with special dimensions delivered in less than 72 hours iglidur i6 in use in a racing car as a chain tensioner in the chain drive.
3D printing prototyping for electrical vehicles "A high degree of flexibility and fast delivery times are crucial when it comes to prototype construction. It is exactly these qualities that we like about using the igus online configurator to select gears from a wide variety of different types and have them printed quickly. " Easelink founder Hermann Stockinger
3D printed sliding plates in mowing machines Replacement parts made of iglidur i180 are 15 times more cost-effective than the special metal sliders previously used by the customer and can be delivered within a few days.
3D printed sprockets The standard metal pinion generates a lot of noise when in use. After two months of use in two wheels , the replacement part made of iglidur i3 has reduced the noise output considerably.
3D printed gripper Due to the changeover from aluminium to 3D printing with iglidur polymers for the production of grippers, Carecos Kosmetik GmbH was able to reduce costs by up to 85% and manufacturing time by up to 70%.
"DriCoMaTe" drive-in Corona station by BoKa Automatisierung GmbH For a fully automated drive-in Corona testing station, a robot arm gripper was made of iglidur i3 with laser sintering. This reduces the load on medical staff.
3D printed bearings in a camera dolly An urgently needed replacement bearing for a camera dolly was printed and handed over to the happy customer within only a few hours.
For me, it was a perfect example of how Industry 4.0 works. It took just three weeks to move from the task to the real-world solution to a highly customised design problem, and only two hours were on the computer. A customer needed a new rudder bearing for his sailboat. He summed up the experience as follows: "For me, it was a perfect example of how Industry 4.0 works. It took just three weeks to move from the task to the real-world solution to a highly customised design problem, and only two hours were on the computer."


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