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drylin HSQ | Lift/swivel unit | Stranded wire version

  • Geared hard anodised, corrosion-resistant square hollow section
  • Combination with iglidur J low friction element
  • Modular design
  • Drive: NEMA11 and NEMA17 stepper motors with stranded wire
Product description
The drylin® lift/swivel unit is based on a rack and pinion drive with hard anodised aluminium square profile as well as a round table element with integrated toothing for accommodating the toothed belt. The mounting of the two directions of movement is done with bearing elements made of iglidur® high-performance polymers and is completely lubrication and maintenance-free. The combination of polymer and aluminium ensures an extremely easy assembly and can be configured ready to install with a drylin® E stepper motor.
•Toothed, hard anodised and corrosion-resistant square hollow section
•Modular design
•Drive: NEMA11 and NEMA17 stepper motor with stranded wire
•Product is supplied without pipetting head
Typical application areas: pipettors, laboratory and analysis technology, gripper technology, pick & place systems, medical technology...
Further strokes and other special solutions are possible on request.
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