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Perfect mobility to the last detail

Hase Bikes designed with the igus modular system

Hase Bikes constructed with the igus modular system

The Hase Bikes GmbH is one of the most innovative manufacturers of speciality and rehabilitation bikes worldwide. Engineers use the igus modular system in the development of bicycles. These include plain bearings, gliding plates and spherical bearings made of high-performance plastics with incorporated lubricant.
Can a family of three take a single bike to the beverages market and carry back two crates of mineral water home - on two wheels, in accordance with all rules of the road traffic and without health risks?

Innovative special cycles from the Ruhr district

Whoever doubts this should study the product range of the company Hase Bikes in the Internet or at specialist dealers. The bicycle factory founded in 1994 by Marec Hase, which produces on a disused colliery site in Waltrop, is one of the most innovative manufacturers of speciality and rehabilitation cycles worldwide.
One of the latest innovations is a cargo bike version of the popular Pino tandem with generously dimensioned foldable "luggage compartment" under the reclining front seat. Two water tanks are located here. If a child's seat is mounted on the luggage carrier on this bike, a family outing to the beverage store has no more obstacles.

Bipod stand for cargo bike on Pino base

Such a bike also must of course have an extremely solid stand - a challenge for any designer. Dipl.-Ing. Christof Bödiger of Hase Bikes developed a bipod stand for the cargo bike version of the Pino, which engages the underside of the load carrier when folding. In this and many other solutions, several requirements must be considered: "The mechanism needs to be sturdy and smooth-running. It must withstand rain and dirt and be free of corrosion. And the weight of course plays an important role. “

Designing with the igus modular system

Two igubal spherical bearings made of high-performance plastic prove themselves under these conditions and provide mobility in two axes in the kinematics of the stand. These spherical bearings are self-adjusting, maintenance-free and require no external lubrication because a lubricant is already incorporated in the plastic.
This is just one of many examples in which designers of Hase Bikes have recourse to the modular kit of the iglidur plain bearings from igus. Christof Bödiger: "We have always had good experience with the igus bearings - in very different applications. They have a long service life even in dirt, moisture and high mechanical stresses. In the wide range you can always find a bearing that can be easily integrated in the surrounding structure. " And not without irony, he adds: "If an error occurs nevertheless, such as a premature failure, the designer has created it. “

Demanding applications in the power train

In fact, there are a number of different applications of igus bearings in the Hase Bikes - for example, in the optional axle differential developed by Marec Hase, which distributes the force of the rider evenly in both rear wheels of the tricycles and prevents a wheelspin on slippery surfaces. Thus, a one-wheel drive becomes a two-wheel drive. It was a challenging engineering task to implement the power distribution in a small space and with minimum weight. Marec Hase has solved it with a transmission stage with high quality helical gearing, which is integrated in a compact housing.
Other structural elements of the differential include two thrust washers and a plain bearing and a flange bearing respectively made of iglidur G. That is indeed "only" the basic material among the numerous iglidur materials, but is perfectly adequate in this case. It may be surprising for lay people to know that a material is used here with incorporated lubricant, because the differential is filled with oil. Why does one use a plastic bearing instead of a metal bearing? Christof Bödiger: "We want to avoid the contact of metal on metal, because it is too abrasive and can cause chips in the gear. iglidur G is very resistant to abrasion even in such applications. We have the differential in the range since four years, and the igus bearings have proved themselves."

Leading roles for plastic plain bearings

The same applies to various applications in which glide pairings of igus bearings were implemented with aluminium - for example, the chain tensioning system of tandems. The chain tensioner is moved on the aluminium tubular frame using an iglidur flange bearing. The igus bearings are also used in the steering linkage of Hase Bikes. Christof Bödiger: "At first we installed a double flange bearing. Now we are using a standard bearing with clearance, which is pressed into the seat without backlash." Even in the handbike versions of trikes such as the "Kettwiesel" iglidur plain bearings take a leading role in the truest sense of the word. Here the arbor, on which the crank handles are located and with which the steering is done at the same time, moves on an iglidur bearing.
Soon there will be more innovative applications of igus plain bearings on Hase Bikes by which the operation of the main functions will be improved. The fans of high-quality bikes and trikes with muscle power may be curious, and they would continue to be curious, because Marec Hase and his team wouldn't reveal the details.
Hase Bikes) In the stable bipod stand for the cargo bike, igubal rod end bearings ensure mobility in two dimensions. (Source: igus GmbH)
Hase Bikes) Sophisticated technology in lightweight construction: The igus plain bearings are also used in the differentials of the Hase tricycles. (Source: Hase Bikes)
Hase Bikes) The chain tensioner of the tandem is moved on the aluminium tubular frame using an iglidur flange bearing. (Source: igus GmbH)
Hase Bikes) The igus plain bearings are used in the steering linkage of Hase Bikes. (Source: igus GmbH)

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