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Hybrid roller bearing – smooth running and maintenance-free operation

No tangling or lubrication due to combination of sliding elements and roller bearings

Roller bearing

Roller bearings and drylin® W plain bearings

  • Sliding elements made of iglidur® J or iglidur® J200
  • Housings made from aluminium, stainless steel or zinc die-casting
  • Optimal bearing load in roller direction

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Double roller bearings

Roller bearing with drylin® W double roller

  • Housing made of zinc die-casting
  • Sliding element iglidur® J
  • Roller arrangement of 70° or 80° also allows lateral drives

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Hybrid carriages

Hybrid carriage with drylin® W roller bearings

  • Linear carriages with combined and plain and roller bearings
  • With single or double roller bearings
  • Particularly light running also with high loads

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Rolling and sliding – the roller bearing by igus®

For minimal drive forces and smooth operation

With the unique combination of lubrication-free plain and roller bearings, igus® offers a particularly smooth and cost-effective solution for linear guides. The technology, which is ideal for manual adjustments, enables a silent operation with applications such as machine doors, protective doors and moveable control panels. Due to the integrated rollers, low drive forces with a friction value of 0.1 µ can be achieved. The sliding elements made of iglidur® plastic absorb lateral and misuse forces. The roller bearings perfectly match various hard-anodised aluminium profiles from the drylin® W linear system.

  • Particularly smooth operation
  • Low-profile installation method possible
  • Absorption of the misuse and lateral forces by the sliding elements
  • No tangling
  • Fitting linear rails
  • Available in the installation sizes 10, 16 and 20

drylin® W roller bearing – combines sliding and rolling

drylin® W profile rails

Ideal for use with roller bearings

  • Suited for the available roller bearing sizes
  • Lightweight and robust
  • Available as single, double or high-profile rails

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Profile rails for drylin® W roller bearings


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