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Hybrid roller bearing WJRM-BB-31  

Lubrication-free smooth operation: WJRM-BB-31 & 41

New drylin® W hybrid roller bearing with ball bearings

The drylin® W hybrid roller guide WSR combines function and design. In lateral installation position, doors, boards, shelves or monitors can be moved. And it is now even easier and with less effort. Because the matching drylin® W hybrid roller bearings are now also available with smooth-running ball bearings. The combination of the optimised roller alignment of single/double rollers and integrated ball bearings (BB) reduces the coefficient of friction by half and is therefore ideal for all manual adjustments. The two roller bearing versions WJRM-31-10-BB and WJRM-41-10-BB supplement the modular system of the drylin® W hybrid roller guide.

  • Rollers and sliders made of wear-resistant, lubrication-free iglidur® polymers
  • Smooth operation due to ball bearing
  • Upon request bearing spacing through flexible positioning of the individual hybrid roller bearings
  • Linear carriages in 3 lengths (100/150/200mm) by combination with WWYR mounting plates

Tech up with igus news  
Tech up

  • Hybrid roller bearings with ball bearings for smooth lateral adjustments
  • Up to 4 times quieter than metallic bearings due to igus high-performance polymers
  • Flat installation height of 30mm on attractive rail profile WSR-10-120
  • Optimised roller alignment for maximum force absorption

Cost down with igus news  
Cost down

  • Cost-effective zinc die-cast housing
  • Roller bearings without lubrication
  • Can be positioned individually or as a complete carriage with mounting plates in 3 lengths made of the drylin® W modular linear system

Evidence from igus news  

  • Service life tested in the igus laboratory
  • Up to 70% easier running

Recycling with igus news  

  • easy energy-efficient adjustment
  • Clean linear guide without lubrication
  • No risk of contamination for the user

Roller bearings from igus

Therefore we have developed the roller bearings WJRM-BB-31 & 41

The roller bearings WJRM-BB-31 & WJRM-BB-41 are designed to supplement our range of roller bearings.  
They manage to reduce the coefficient of friction by half and we are particularly proud to build such a robust yet lightweight roller bearing.  
We see these roller bearings especially in shop fittings,  trade fair construction, office organisation, furniture construction as well as media and event technology. Beyond that, however, there are of course no limits to its use.

Roller bearings WJRM-BB-31 & 41 Technical drawing  

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Application examples of our drylin products

igus® in the storage technology of a blister centre

igus® bearing technology in an automated blister centre. Automated medicine handling for chemist shops/pharmacies: with over 7,500 systems installed worldwide, Rowa Systems from Becton Dickinson is a clear leader in this market segment.

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igus® components in KHS labelling machines

Numerous rotary and linear bearings from the igus® product range are not the only ones installed in KHS GmbH's labelling machines. igus® also supplies complete, ready-to-install modules such as adjustment systems and guide rollers, etc.

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Linear guide components for 3D printers

Technology-oriented start-up businesses are more daring than others in deploying emerging technologies in new, marketable products. This is also true of fabmaker GmbH, Braunschweig, which has developed a 3D printer for educational purposes.

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