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Plug-in e-chain®: make your energy chain ready to plug and play

What is a plug-in e-chain? What differentiates it from a readychain? ...
The plug-in e-chain is a new evolutionary stage of the well-known readychain variants. In this version, the cables are already connected on both sides, and the plugs are integrated. Thus, the entire readychain is designed as a pluggable assembly.  The counterpart, an add-on housing with bushing, can be flanged to the machine housing.

... connected in seconds ...
With a plug-in e-chain, assembling your energy supply system is child's play. The connectors fixed in the mounting bracket of the chain ensure easy and quick attachment in the application. With these ready-to-install assemblies, setup time can be reduced by up to 80%. The plug-in principle enables quick replacement - like the power cable of a laptop - without tools, without know-how, without technicians. Errors due to absolute "plug-in safety" are also ruled out.

... 100% individual!
The required connectors, housings and connections can be planned individually, making each plug-in e-chain a customised product. You will receive an interface solution that is 100% tailored to your application and replaces the previous configuration of different individual parts. Feel free to challenge us with your most complicated connection! Challenges give rise to innovations, such as the readychain® micro-speed shown above.
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Your benefits at a glance

Tech up

Tech up

  • Simplest fastening in your application
  • Integrated strain relief and seal
Cost down

Cost down

  • Save 80% assembly time
  • Optimised ready-to-install assemblies
  • For service: unplug it, plug it back in, done


  • Cost-effective interface solution: one connector instead of many individual connectors
  • Almost infinite combinations
  • Absolute plug-in safety


  • Existing igus® energy supply systems can be integrated with individual configurations
New product presentation by Markus Hüffel

Quick and easy assembly

For this purpose, we have developed the Module Connect adapter

Wherever fast reaction times are required, e.g in the event of a fault, the plug-in e-chain with the Module Connect adapter ensures fast connection of the energy supply system and avoids long downtimes.
For example in an automatic parking system, where the customer leaves his car for parking. The car is weighed and measured by the system and automatically moved into a suitable parking position. If there is a downtime due to a cable break in the e-chain or a leakage in the pneumatic hose, for example, every service technician should be able to disconnect the defective energy chain and connect a new, harnessed energy chain. With the adapter this is possible quickly and easily - without the need for basic electronic knowledge.  
Module Connect adapters are not only used in automatic parking systems and ensure fast maintenance, but also in production or pharmacy systems and wherever energy supply systems need to be plugged in.
MC German Design Winner 2021: The Module Connect Adapter

Modular plug-in connector for energy chains - Module Connect

Plug in your energy supply with just ONE connector

All about Module Connect in one video
The connector modules can be adapted to the filling and geometry of the e-chain in one or more layers. This enables ideal cabling in terms of function and design for every application.
Combining the system with the universal strain relief system from igus enables secure attachment directly in the connector housing. The soft elements used enclose the cables and hold them securely in place without damaging them. Visually reminiscent of a honeycomb, the flexible structure adapts itself to different cable diameters which provides universal strain relief.
For Module Connect, there are a variety of application possibilities, such as at the chain fixed end or moving end, between two e-chains or for the insertion of cables in terminal boxes or switch cabinets.

Just plug it in: readychain speed

Moving energy made easy with plug-in modules

The aim of every igus readychain is to make module assembly as simple as possible. A few years ago, readychain speed revolutionised the field of harnessed energy chains. The designers have fused connectors and mounting brackets into a single unit that can be plugged directly into the switch cabinet. readychain speed connects harnessed e-chain systems in seconds and without the use of tools.
In general, pre-assembled modules have the advantage that a one hundred per cent tested component enters production and all components are matched to each other. This smooth process is particularly important in cycle time or assembly line production. Compared to individual components, readychain modules require only a fraction of the assembly time. With the help of the readychain speed from igus, throughput times are once again significantly reduced.

The diversity of the plug-in e-chain at a glance:

RC micro-speed


MC adapter

Module Connect including adapter

RC speed

readychain speed

Application examples with readychain®

igus cables harnessed with HARTING connectors

igus readychain & HARTING components

What is typical of this special partnership?

readychain production can play to its strengths with HARTING as supplier and design-in partner.  Quality, lead time, productivity and also price are good reasons for industrial cable harnessing at igus. Combining this machine processing with specialised assembly areas and Kanban bearings leads to the incomparable flexibility of igus readychain:
  • Ready-to-connect directly from the cable manufacturer
  • In desired length: with centimetre accuracy without minimum order value
  • Special forms of harnessing are part of our everyday business

Good reasons for a plug-in e-chain from igus

For the production of machines and equipment, there are many good reasons to decide in favour of pre-harnessed energy supply systems:
  • Harnessing time is reduced by up to 95%
  • Reduction in manufacturing costs
  • Minimal amount of logistics work – no storage space necessary
  • Procurement optimisation - one system, one part number
  • Reduce assembly time – less machine downtime
  • On-site installation - international service with 35 subsidiaries
  • Special designs are possible – igus is developing further components

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... available from stock!

For users who want to configure their individual interface themselves, there are now Module Connect sets with three or four cable inputs.
They consist of carrier housings, connector housings, sealing inserts and strain relief. Accessories, such as single and double locking devices and fixing elements, can be ordered to match the application. Contact inserts for individual configuration are also available at igus!

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USP picture Ready to install instead of separate parts  No company has to deal with installing energy chains and cables for their machines any more. With our readychain system, we provide individual, harnessed energy supply systems, which can be easily installed on site.
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The largest test lab worldwide

USP picture From more than 15,000 tests performed per year, we have created what is probably the world's largest test database. This ­database gives us the ability to always select the right product for your specific application. Individual tests for your industry are also possible.

Ready-to-install energy supply systems

USP picture Do you need a completely harnessed energy supply system? 
igus® takes responsibility for the entire procurement process - from the purchase of all necessary components to the assembly of the ready-to-install system. Save up to 95% harnessing time!
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