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Wear comparison lead screw drive
iglidur® J material compared to POM PTFE and PA PTFE

In the igus® laboratories the wear of different lead screw drives was compared and measured after 100,000 cycles.

The wear comparison was carried out under the following test parameters:

Load: 200N

Speed of rotation: 100rpm

Stroke length: 140mm

Test temperature: ~23°C

PA+PTFE on rust-free steel, POM+PTFE on rust-free steel, iglidur® J on rust-free steel

Thread pitch: DS10x25, 3/8"-1"

Wear comparison lead screw drive


The wear properties of all tested materials are different. iglidur® J shows significantly lower wear than the competitors A and B. With a wear of 1.7µm, iglidur® J has more than 61% and 33% lower wear than the other tested materials.

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