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drylin® lead screw configurator

Save time and cost: configure and order lead screws and pins online

The drylin lead screw configurator generates your lead screw at the press of a button 

Quickly and easily configure lead screws and machined ends - from concept to technical drawing in seconds.

Whereas customer requests regarding individually made lead screws were previously produced by a technical designer, they can now be generated with just a few mouse clicks. In addition to the selection of the lead screw geometry and the materials, there are up to 12 options for editing the machined end details (incl. feather key groove, spanner flats, chamfers, male threads etc.) to choose from. An intuitive user interface makes it possible to process the details of both sides of the lead screw. The virtual assistance provided for generating the configuration leads to a technical dimensional drawing, on the basis of which a quotation can be prepared. A production drawing within minutes, a quotation within the briefest possible time.

drylin® lead screw configurator 1. Article selection

  • With plausibility check
  • Live price display
  • Considerable time saving (clear drawings, production process, starts with just a mouse click, fast delivery)
  • Preparation of 2D dimensional drawing PDF and 3D CAD model

Now available:
  • Configure custom reverse lead screw 
  • Determine your required shape and position tolerance 
  • Axial internal bore and thread can be configured
  • Twelve machining options for the lead screw ends (including feather keyway and spanner flats)
  • Six machining options along the main body of the lead screw (including milling and drilling)

drylin® lead screw configurator 2. Configure pin
drylin® lead screw configurator 2. Configure pin
drylin® lead screw configurator 3. Result