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lead screw configurator

From idea to lead screw in 5 minutes

Save time & costs: configure and order lead screws and machined ends online

Whereas customer requests regarding individually made lead screws were previously produced by a technical designer, they can now be generated with just a few mouse clicks. In addition to the selection of the lead screw geometry and the materials, there are up to 12 options for editing the machined end details (incl. feather key groove, spanner flats, chamfers, male threads etc.) to choose from.
An intuitive user interface makes it possible to process the details of both sides of the lead screw. The virtual assistance provided for generating the configuration leads to a technical dimensional drawing, on the basis of which a quotation can be prepared. A production drawing within minutes, a quotation within the briefest possible time.
► With plausibility check
► Live price display
► Creation of 2D PDF dimensional drawing & 3D CAD model
► Individual end machining without CAD software
► High time savings through clear drawings and fast delivery times
►  Even reverse lead screws can be individually configured
► Definition of the desired form and bearing tolerance 
► Axial inner hole and thread configurable
12 machining options for the lead screw ends 
► 6 machining options along the main lead screw body

To lead screw configurator
Lead screw configurator

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Then have a look at our lead screw technology FAQ

Here you will find a summary of all questions about lead screw technology, sorted by topic and answered in detail.  
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