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drylin® SET - easytube

drylin® SET easytube linear unit  

drylin® SET easytube for light duty motion control with interior lead screw.

Absolute freedom from lubricants

Low weight due to aluminium and plastics

Temperature-resistant up to +60 °C

Available accessories

Optionally available as corrosion-resistant versions with stainless steel lead screw

Protected lead screw

Effective design

Available with measurement scale without lead screw

Flanged version for axial mounting on surfaces and profiles

The linear unit for light-duty motion control is characterized by a simple but effective and rugged structure. A complete system is modulated from few components. The outer anodised aluminium tube guides the carriage(s) and at the same time protects the trapezoidal threaded spindles and lead screw nuts from external influences. Carriage, torque support and trapezoidal lead screw nut in one component and are made from a special plain bearing high-performance polymer. It guarantees freedom from lubrication with simultaneously low coefficient of friction and optimal wear pattern. The iglidur® bearing materials are also used in the axial bearings of the spindle.



Part No.:
A [mm]:

Ordering of a complete system

Configuration in few steps:

1. Selection of the installation size
2. Selection of the stroke length in mm
3. Selection of the accessory parts


Detailed information can be found below in the drawings and tables as well as in the below mentioned pages.

Step 1Configuration: drylin® SET - complete system

Select the installation size of the leadscrew module.

Installation size:

12 = shaft Ø 12 mm
25 = shaft Ø 25 mm
30 = shaft Ø 30 mm
Please note! Listed accessories not available for SET-12-AWM.
Lengths [mm] and weights
Order no. Max. stroke length Aluminum shaft Max. static load capacity Unit price for  
    Weight shaft end supports
and carriage
(per 100 mm)
Axial Radial Base stroke
100 mm
[mm] [kg] [kg] [N] [N]    
 SET-12-AWM (1) 200 0.05 0.03 10 20 Upon request 
 SET-25-AWM (1) 750 0.15 0.12 150 300 Upon request 
 SET-30-AWM (1) 850 0.2 0.21 200 400 Upon request 
More about selected part:
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(1) Tapered off spindle end
Dimensions [mm]
Order no. A Al H E1 E2 E3 E4 l h h1 lt ts s sb l2 d2
 SET-12-AWM (1) 30 30 23.5 20 20 20 - 60 22 - 15 3.3 4.2 - 10 M4
 SET-25-AWM (1) 60 55 44 40 40 40 20 115 39 45 30 5.2 5.2 M4 17 TRx10x2
 SET-30-AWM (1) 80 55 49 60 40 40 20 125 39 50 35 6.5 5.2 M4 20 TRx12x3
More about selected part:
3D-CAD Sample request Experts PDF Quote request Price list myCatalog
(1) Tapered off spindle end