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Lubrication-free SET easytube single-tube drylin® linear unit

The single-tube linear axis with protected lead screw

The tube system linear unit for light adjustment tasks is ideal for manual adjustments. The single-tube axes from the easytube range are available in three installation sizes. The outer anodised aluminium guide tube guides one or more guide carriages while protecting the lead screw and nut from external influences. The carriage, torque support, spherical thrust bearing of the lead screw and lead screw nut are all made from self-lubricating plain bearing high performance polymer. This guarantees a low coefficient of friction and low wear. The easytube single-tube guide is ideal for format adjustments and applications where the drive elements must be protected against dust and metal chips.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Lightweight due to aluminium and polymer
  • Drive: trapezoidal or high helix lead screw 
  • Also available as measurement system with scale without lead screw
  • Assembly via upright or flangedshaft end supports
  • Temperature-resistant up to +50°C

SET easytube tube system linear unit

easytube SET single-tube linear unit

  • Anti-twist single-tube axis
  • Corrosion-free with stainless steel lead screw
  • Drive: with trapezoidal or high helix lead screw

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Single-tube linear unit with double flange

SET easytube single-tube guide with flange

  • Double flange
  • Ideal for axial connection
  • Flange made of robust plastic

Buy SET with double flange
Single-tube linear unit with one-sided flange

SETB easytube single-tube guide with flange

  • Pre-loaded on one side 
  • Solid aluminium flange
  • For horizontal and vertical adjustments

Buy SET with one-sided flange
Single-tube axis with measurement scale

SETM easytube single-tube with measurement scale

  • Glazed, washable glazing
  • Multi-position clamp
  • Available with/without lead screw

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Very light single-tube axis

Single-tube guide SETC easytube "light"

  • Very light linear carriage
  • Also available as flanged version
  • Easy assembly

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Selected customer application examples

Accessories for single-tube adjustment units

Lead screw clamp

Linear modules with trapezoidal threads are equipped with a self-locking mechanism. Many applications call for an additional clamping option as an extra safeguard against unintentional movement of the lead screw.

  • Shaft clamp adapter for attaching to the position indicator and subsequent clamping of the lead screw.
  • Material: polymer housing with aluminium shaft clamp
  • Reduction sleeves for further diameters available

Lead screw clamp for linear units
Lead screw clamp for linear units

Position indicator

The position indicator for linear axes is used for setting and direct reading of the carriage position. This can reduce downtime, perform adjustments quickly and accurately, and reproduce values.

  • Can be combined with manual clamps and hand wheels
  • Reduction sleeves included
  • Available in the desired counting and viewing direction and in a variety of colours.

drylin SHT - position indicator
Position indicator for linear modules

Hand wheel for lead screw drives

The hand wheels for linear units are available in several versions with different handles and sizes. This makes manual adjustments quick and easy.

  • Rotary knob: defined standard for complete units

Hand wheels for linear modules
Hand wheel for lead screw axes

Adapter plate for linear modules

  • Material: polymer igumid G
  • Adapter plate for manual alignment of position indicators and hand clamps of linear units
  • Installation instruction: unused sections can be easily separated depending on the alignment

Adapter plate for linear units
Adapter plate for linear axes


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