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Save weight

drylin® EasyTube – now even lighter

The weight-optimized carriage option of the SET-25 for all cost-sensitive adjustment movements.

Reduce weight and costs.

Simplified self assembly.

Light, clean and low noise.

Max. stroke length: 750 mm.

Max. stat. carrying capacity: 150 N (axial), 300 N (radial).

Dimensions [mm]

Ordering number A Al H E1 E2 E3 E4 l h1 lt ts s sb l2 d2 Weight [kg]    
ready for shipping in 10 working days SETC-25-AWM (1) 60 55 44 40 40 40 20 115 45 30 5.2 5.2 M4 17 TR10x2 0.15 Upon request Add to shopping cart
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(1) Tapered off spindle end

ready for shipping in 10 working days