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Overview of materials used and application examples

To find in applications like:

Cam guided circle fillers

lifting elements

filling valves


Centering structure

Application examples

Circle filler

Circle filler

iglidur® bearings J, drylin® linear bearings, JUM liners or iglidur® H group bearings in curve-guided lifting element for bottles.

Pinion support

Pinion support

iglidur® J piston ring for pivoting movement in the pinion bearing.

Screw capping lifter

Cap screwer

drylin® R JUM linear bearing for curve-guided linear movement

Bottle grabber

Bottle gripper

iglidur® J or iglidur® X plain bearings for linear guidance of the centering piece – curve-guided rollers.

Control valve

Control valve

iglidur® J or iglidur® H370 piston ring for linear movement of the control valve.

More application examples

Application examples of our customers

Filling and packaging technology

Filling and packaging technology

Filling system

This line is used to fold, glue, fill, sterilise and seal milk cartons.

Beverages industry

Plastic plain bearings economize the filling of PET bottles.

Bottling machines

Since the clamping stars in this bottling plant were equipped with polymer bearings, the service life has almost doubled.

Flanged ball valves

Extreme chemical resistance in small lots was decisive for the application of iglidur® X plain bearings in almost all flanged ball valves of the company Pister.


In this application, the iglidur® J plain bearings replace the lubricated ball bearings.

Aseptic filling machine

Bearing materials marked by special properties such as low coefficients of friction in dry operation, resistance to chemicals and low humidity absorption in equal measure are best suited for the application in high-tech beverages bottling plants.

Lifting device in food industry

The employed liner also compensates for a minor misalignment in the axles. The most important feature is the fat-free and chemical resistant version.

Mechatronic bearing

The availability of the application even at above 100°C temperatures was guaranteed by the application of plastic plain bearings made of iglidur® X.

Champagne bottle
sealing machine

drylin® in a champagne bottle
sealing machine in the filling technology.

Filling system

High mileage in continuous operation: drylin® T in a filling system in the food industry.

Automatic cup supply system for cup filling line

No lubricants in food sector


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