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System E2/000

igus® technologies and tricks

for long service life, high stability, ease of installation and modularity

Easily execute energy supply systems with the E2/000 e-chain system®.
E2/000 - The standard for medium loads

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1... Pivots more than 210°

Good access, easy to fill, positive lock

Details of working principle

Dual lock  
Special snap-open mechanism,

You can open the e-chain® quickly and easily with the two-side flip-open crossbars. The crossbars pivotable above 210° remain firmly locked in place when closed.

igus® tested

Rip-off test  
Perfect support

Crossbars pivotable up to 210° provide easy handling during filling of the e-chain® and in the maintenance

Application example

Quickly ready for use

Ready to install E2/000 supplied directly as ready-assembled readychain® complete with guide plate for a glass processing machine.

2... High holding strength of crossbars

Prevents accidental opening during operation

... max. holding strength up to 900 N
... can be quickly opened with screwdriver

Details of working principle

Dual lock  
High retention force

Even after simple closure the bracket ensures a secure fit in the e-chain®. The bracket withstands the highest loads and prevents accidental opening of the e-chain® in operation.

igus® tested

tensile test  
Rip-off test

The max. holding force of each crossbar is verified using practical pull-out test. This can also take place under the influence of oil or other liquids.

Application example

Plastic energy supply systems in this woodworking machine.

The E2/000 e-chain® provides the energy supply of the X and Y axis. Thanks to the snap-open and securely fitting crossbars, a subsequent filling and high speeds are easily possible.

3... Opens in seconds

Helpful assembly tool

... from 33 to 2 seconds
... simple and quick opening of the e-chains®

Details of working principle

Double, rectangular end stop dog  
Opens in seconds

Open and close long pieces of chain in one go. With this tool, you can minimise the throughput times of your installation and assembly line.

igus® tested

Practical testing

The assembly time was tested with and without tools in the assembly line at the igus® factory

Application example

Chain opener in operation

Applicable to your installation. Available for all E2/000 e-chain® sizes.

4...For long travels up to 150 m

With guide troughs and as roller e-chain®

... low gliding coefficient 0.1 with E2/000 roller e-chains®
... safely guided in guide troughs made of aluminium, steel or solid plastic

Details of working principle

Scale on crossbars  
long travel distances up to 15 0m

The inexpensive E2/000 e-chains® are suitable for long travels up to 150 m, even in outdoor applications. Straight and reliable running is ensured by a guide trough from the large igus® range. The optional use of rollers reduces the gliding coefficient.

igus® tested

150 m lifetime testing at the igus® lab outdoor area

The 3500R roller e-chain® with corrosion-free "guidelite" solid plastic trough was tested in ice and snow.

Application example

E2/000 roller e-chain® in a "guidelite" solid plastic guide trough in an irrigation system.

Implement up to 150 m travel quickly and inexpensively as a modular solution with "guidelite" solid plastic guide trough.

5... Modular and combinable

Available as "semi" and fully enclosed energy tube

... lid swung open on both sides
... snap open in the inner radius and available in many sizes

Details of working principle

Few parts  
Modular and combinable

The E2/000 can be delivered as an energy tube enclosed on one or two sides Swivelable to either right or left in the inner radius.

igus® tested

Unsupported in the lower run (FLU) test with the 3480 model

Test 2397:2.75 kg/m additional load for a 1.3 m unsupported energy tube without backing is easy for the igus® 3480.075.125.0

Application example

Leather cutting machine  
E2/000 tube in a leather cutting machine

In this new design of a leather cutting machine E2/000 e-chains® were used to enable the cutting head to work more flexibly and faster.

6... Hinged extension bracket

Simple enlargement of the interior

... snap-open either in the inner or outer radius, pivoted open
... suitable for hoses with a diameter up to max. 80 mm

Details of working principle

Hinged covers  
Hinged extension bracket

By the use of extension brackets the interior of the e-chain® is greatly enlarged so that even large suction hoses are safely guided. Thus existing systems can also be enlarged easily, inexpensively and compactly.

igus® tested

More volume

Advantageous enlargement of inner space by up to 48%. Can be divided with special separators which, like all separators, were constructed extremely cable-friendly without edges.

Application example

Large hose diameter

Voluminous yet lightweight suction hoses are used in a woodworking machine to save space and cost.

7... Large pin/hole connection

Long service life and easy installation

.. accelerations of 10 m/s² and more
... travels over 150 m possible

Details of working principle

Large pin/bore connection  
Large pin/bore connection

Large pin/hole connections with tight tolerance provide a high push and/or pull force absorption potential. Due to the tight tolerances and the resulting, almost complete zero backlash, very high accelerations can be achieved and there is very little wear.

igus® tested

Service life prediction for e-chains® - QuickLife  
Tensile test with Zwick material test equipment

We test every energy supply system with a "tweak testing machine" at the igus® laboratory for pull force to provide reliable specifications on the max. possible travel and also to get achievable acceleration values.

Application example

Long cycle life

On a 28 m travel with a narrow installation space of only 200 mm, the series 2500 e-chain® braves external influences such as rain and much wind in continuous operation 24 hours all 365 days.

8... Good protection against dirt and chips, even against hot chips

For the protection of your cable

... hot chips up to 850°C cannot burn into it ...
extremely tight and still easy to open

Details of working principle

For the protection of your cable  
For the protection of your cable

igus® energy tubes to protect cables and hoses are already successfully used in the chip area since almost 20 years. Dust, dirt, oil, aggressive environments, humidity, cold and heat do not affect the rugged plastic energy supply systems. The optional HT material makes the 850°C hot chips just bounce off - no burn-in possible.

igus® tested

Quantity (g) of burnt-in chips depending on the temperature

Test:20 g hot chips (200 to 850°C) applied on different materials. The graph shows which chip quantity was burnt-in. igumid HT tested best up to 850°C.

Application example

Chip-proof in high temperatures

High-temperature e-tube inside the machine guides and protects the cables in the hot chips area.

9... Cable-friendly plastic crossbars

For even higher service life of the cables through rounded design

... Cables have the longest durability with plastic crossbars
... no plastic deformation with external impact force

Details of working principle

Cable friendly polymer crossbars  
Cable friendly polymer crossbars

Smooth, cable-friendly inner contour and rounded crossbars provide for a long service life of the cables and hoses. The combination of the tribo-optimized plastic of the crossbars with the jacket material of the used cables proves to be the best matching pair for the service life of cables in tests.

igus® tested

Wear and tear tested

Cable wear in plastic crossbars: Jacket materials of different materials show the best wear results in plastic crossbars. Moreover, compared to aluminum crossbars, these are not subject to plastic deformation with external impact force.

Application example

Low-abrasion operation

For the cutting systems of the company SATO, igus® provides reliable energy supply systems on demand: Regardless of high speeds, long travels, movements in all directions or design-oriented colourings, the pipes and hoses are guided gently.

13... 1,244 chainflex® cables and more than 4,000 harnessed drive cables from stock

... from 1 m, no cutting costs, no minimum quantities …
chainflex® works or your money back

Details of working principle

Wear pad  
Variety in cables

Flexible cables in energy chains or in robots require special features to survive many cycles, high speeds and accelerations as well as more demanding environmental conditions. EMC safety and the compliance with norms and guidelines such as NFPA 79, UL, CSA, VDE, Interbus and Profibus are also a necessary requirement today.

igus® tested

chainflex® works  
Complex tests of all chainflex® cables in moving operation

All chainflex® cables are always tested in practice. This means in the e-chain® or in motion, such as here in the igus® climate chamber at -40°C.

Application example

Reliable function in all axes

In this CNC multi-spindle lathe, every single working position must be securely supplied with media, energy and signals. High freedom of movement in all axes require a high durability and reliability of the cables.

11... Cable-friendly interior separation

For higher service life due to rounded base

... nearly halve the cable wear ...
less parts, more possibilities

Details of working principle

Cable friendly polymer crossbars  
Cable friendly polymer crossbars

Smooth, cable-friendly and rounded contours ensure a long life for the cables and hoses. In addition, a better and more cable-friendly interior separation can now be implemented with less standardised parts.

igus® tested

Wear tests

With the new rounded separators, the wear of the cables could be almost halved.
Test 3748:Separator 301 compared to new version 45.1 The matching pair of plastic and jacket material also turns out to be the best here.

Application example

Tight filling

Here the rounded plastic crossbars assist in increasing the service life of cables

12... Double stop system

For maximum force absorption and thus high stability for large unsupported lengths

... max. unsupported additional load possible up to 13 kg/m
... max. unsupported lengths (FLB) 3.0 m (+25% with the optional XXL material)

Details of working principle

Double, rectangular end stop dog  
Double, rectangular end stop dog

More than two stop dogs cannot be, or can barely be synchronized. Due to a rectangular shape, the force distribution is much better than in a round stop dog (surface pressure formula, p = F/A).

igus® tested

Fracture test at the igus® laboratory

We test every energy supply system with a "tweak testing machine" at the igus® laboratory for compressive/breaking strength to provide reliable specifications on max. additional load and unsupported length.

Application example

E2/000 series hanging in the lift of the PostTower, Bonn.

Strong air draughts and the fill weight in the hanging installation requires a stable and reliable structure of the energy chain.

13... Sound brake

Dampens noise of the stop dog and rolling

... minimum noise level 42 dB(A)
... many series certified by TÜV Rheinland

Details of working principle

Brake mechanism  
Brake mechanism

Simple principle, but extremely effective. A wedge-shaped contour in the e-chain® stop dog dampens the stop dog noise of the e-chain®.

igus® tested

Noise test

igus® tests e-chains® for noise emissions in the own laboratory. Many series are also checked by the TÜV. The quietest igus® e-chains® start at a noise level of 33 dB (A).
Test 4381:Series 1400 with an average sound level of 42 dB(A), measured with different radii at 1 m/s.

Application example

Quiet, fast, flying high

In the company IMA Klessmann GmbH, the E2/000 in combination with the igus® guidelok slimline "F" guide system provides absolute operational reliability even at high speeds and accelerations. The noise brake in the e-chain® and the stable grip in the trough guarantee a significant noise reduction.

14... Side wear pads

Long service life, even for applications that are turned sideways

... longer service life in laterally rotating applications
... safe vertical guiding even at high lateral accelerations with the guidelok system

Details of working principle

Wear allowance  
Side wear pads

Longer service life with high stressing capacity due to the standard lateral wear pads in igus® E2/000 e-chains®.

igus® tested

Abrasion tests at the igus® laboratory.

The service life of the e-chains® is tested in endurance tests.

Application example

CNC grinding machine

Installation turned 90° with Series 2500

15... Strain relief of electrical cables

Space reducing and reliable chainfix program

... Three times higher tensile strength of igus® chainfix clamps ...
also safe under the influence of oil, coolant, water

Details of working principle

Wear allowance  
Strain relief

Strain relief systems from igus® were specifically developed for the use in e-chains® and dynamic applications. The combination of chainflex® cable materials and the in-contact plastic components of the Chainfix strain relief systems from igus® are designed for high cable durability and maximum holding force.

igus® tested


The tensile strength of the igus® chainfix clamp is more than thrice as high as the conventional strain relief systems.

Application example


Media, data and control cables are reliably and securely strain-relieved in this ready-to-install readychain® system for machine tools.

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