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Service life calculator for energy chains

With the service life calculator for energy chains, you can obtain a statement about the expected service life of the energy chain with just a few clicks.  This is indicated in double strokes and kilometres.  You can download the 36-month guarantee certificate with a statement on service life in this digital tool.

Calculate the service life now

How it works

With just a few clicks to the service life of the energy chain

Energy chain part number is known

If you know the part number of your energy chain, enter the part number in the search field "Part" and then go to "Search" to search for the part number. Or use the drop-down menu to find your energy chain system.

Application parameters

After entering the fill weight, travel, speed and acceleration, the service life of the energy chain is calculated. As an option, it is possible to enter external influences such as dirt, impact and the ambient temperature.


Click on "Calculate" to obtain the expected service life.  Click on "Catalogue page of selected series" to obtain further information and to request or order the energy chain in the catalogue.
You can obtain the 36-month guarantee certificate by clicking on the button "Request 36-month guarantee certificate".

Calculate the service life now