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Rotating energy supplies
from igus®
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Rotating energy supply – the modular system for fast rotary applications

Moving energy made easy

For several years, igus® has been developing customer-specific systems for circular movements with energy chains, referred to as rotating energy supplies. They can be used to supply energy, data, and liquids to rotating assemblies in such applications as machine tools, robotics and bucket wheel excavators.
The igus® standard rotary modules consist of two circular guide elements. One part of the guide trough is attached to the stationary part of the system and the other to the rotating part. Because the rotary modules can be turned by both their inner or outer parts, the fixed end can be chosen freely for the e-chain®. In the main, e-chains® from the E4.1 series are used for "simple" applications and energy chains from the E2.1 and E2/000 series also used for rotary modules.

The standard for circular movements

  • Rotation angles up to 540° (on one level)
  • Rotation angles of 900° are possible with the igus® multi-rotation modules
  • Maximum rotation angle in minimal installation space
  • Rotation speed of up to 360°/s
  • Lighter and more compact than static guide troughs
  • Minimum displacement forces and maximum service life
  • Modular construction with standardised mounting options
  • Integrated strain relief and cable routing directly in the guide trough
  • Determine rotating energy supply quickly and reliably with the CAD configurator

What does "RBR" mean?

"RBR" stands for Reverse Bend Radius and means that the e-chain® can bend in two directions. Designs with RBR can be manufactured for most igus® e-chains®. The "RBR" does not have to be identical to the standard "BR" (bend radius) of the energy chain. A wide range of circular movements can be achieved with the RBR option. Angles of rotation up to 900° have been achieved.
Tip: Find a solution for your current design and quickly, easily by submitting an inquiry about your specific application to your igus® specialist for rotating energy supplies. We will provide you with the correct sizing, simplified 3D model and an offer with prices and delivery times.

What does "MRM" mean?

"MRM" stands for multi-rotation module and is effectively a multi-level RBR system. With a simple igus® rotation module (such as a standard RBR energy chain), a rotation angle of up to 540° can be achieved, depending on the energy chain size. Each additional module extends the angle of rotation by up to 360°. A simple stop-dog system carries the system's upper layer according to a defined angle of rotation. This technology means that only one control system is required for both layers.

MRM module with two levels

Your options for igus® guide troughs

Depending on the application in question, the e-chains® glide on surfaces made of plastic, stainless steel or galvanised steel and are guided by special channels in a predefined circular movement.

Rotating energy supply with brackets

With brackets

Flexible mounting to your structure

Rotating energy supply with cover

With cover

Weather and UV protection are easily integrated

Rotating energy supply with integrated guide

Integrated guidance

Defined and low-wear guidance of the e-chain® within your application

Rotating energy supply with tube troughs

Tube trough

Open structure providing protection from dirt with additional weight-reducing features

Space-saving with RBR e-chains®

Reverse e-chains®

Space-saving: symmetrical separation filling and the system

Rotating energy supply planning

Individual solutions

Now let the igus® expert work out your individual rotating energy supply.

Energy chains for circular and spiral movements

Discover the igus® world of rotary energy supply systems to safely guide energy, data, liquids and air with rotation angles of up to 7,000 degrees.

Thanks to the modularity, versatility and high stability, the extensive range of different energy chains offers numerous solutions for many applications.

Energy chains for circular and spiral movements

10 tips for a reliable rotating energy supply

Free design tips

Ten valuable tips for designing the right guide trough for circular modules yourself. Avoid mistakes that reduce your system's service life or even cause downtime.

From the contents:
- Planning guide sheets correctly
- Tips on laying cables
- Limiting maximum rotation angle
- Generating CAD data for troughs and entire modules

Download ten tips now free of charge. We would be happy to assist you personally at any time.

Download these design tips now
Design tips for rotating energy supplies
Configurator for circular movement

Individual solutions

After self-studying our ten tips for long-lasting rotary energy management, are you ready to implement your initial ideas? Our configurator for circular motion in the CAD section can help you configure an energy chain to match your application data. Download the CAD model, and load it directly into your design.

Fail-safe cables for rotary guide systems

Largest range with 1,354 cables types for data, bus and hybrid systems, control system and drive. Specially developed for moving application in e-chains®.

  • Tested and with 36 month guarantee
  • Numerous approvals, e.g.: UL, DNGVL, EAC, CTP, RoHS
  • Cost-effective
  • No minimum order quantity, no cutting charge
  • For every type of load, even torsion
  • Calculate service life easily online

Application examples of our customers

Further information


For circular and spiral movements

Energy chains for circular movements up to 540°. Quick cable replacement. Modular design - variable widths.


Rotary movements up to 7000°

twisterband: new sizes, turns of 7,000° and more possible. Compact, modular, cost-effective.


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