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Design award-winning arrangement - energy supplies made more practical with OCR furniture chain from igus®

Magnetic mounting clips for intermediate attachment of the OCR office chain at any point along its length

Routing cables at home or in the office is often a difficult task. It is therefore important for the large number of cables involved in connecting printers or monitors, for example, to be routed safely and securely. This is due to furniture becoming ever more multifunctional in order to make workplaces as flexible as possible. The OCR furniture chain from igus® means that the routing of cables not only becomes more practical, but also safer and more secure. The furniture chain is easy to use - just press the cables into the chain. Its mounting brackets can be used to attach the chain with adhesive, screws or magnets, which means that it can be relocated to new positions at will. The new intermediate bracket now makes it possible to attach parts of the chain to metal surfaces with simple magnetic clips.

Intermediate attachment possible at any point

Can be easily clipped onto the chain

Can be attached with integrated magnets, adhesive strip or screws

Flexible fitting

Each chain link can be either a flexible or fixed version

Mounting bracket with magnets for easy attachment

Different colours upon request

reddot design award winner 2018

Typical application areas: Office equipment, furniture making, IT systems, wherever cables have to be routed in an orderly fashion.

Picture of a desk with an office chain
Furniture chain bridging the gap between desk and wall

Product range

Part No. Outer Ø Inner width Max. Ø per chamber Number of chambers    
OCR.50.0 50 14.5 0.318 3 Upon request Add to shopping cart
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Intermediate bracket available under part no.: OCR.500.3
Mounting bracket set part no.: OCR.500.12

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