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guidelok horizontal

Horizontal Guidelok-System

Upper run guide for long travels, unsupported in swarf areas

Especially for long travel applications on machine tools, when the e-chain® has to be gliding, metallic chips are a problem. igus® guidelok is a cost-effective solution.

Travels, unsupported up to 50m possible

guidelok horizontal

1. Chips cannot get stuck between the glide surface of the upper and lower run
2. Modular system with few parts (also possible without lateral trough)
3. Enormous increase of unsupported lengths of e-chains®
4. Intelligent upper run guide with pivoting roller brackets

Typical industrial sectors and applications

Machine tools

Applications in the chip sector

Everywhere that a gliding application is not recommended

Design principle

Horizontal “Guidelok” guides the e-chain® on special spring loaded roller supports (1), that are pushed back by the e-chain®´s radius, clearing its path

The e-chain® is guided in the trough channel, pushing back the spring loaded roller support with its radius...
...which snaps back out again after the e-chain® radius has passed...
...the upper run then gets to lay on the roller support.
Top: The horizontal Guidelok offers chip protection in long travel distances
Links: Horizontal Guidelok in use.
guidelok horizontal

Product range, extract

 For seriesInner width
Bi [mm]
Bend radius
R [mm]
Part No. horizontal
trough with guidelok
 E4.56 / R4.5650 - 600150,175,200,250,300907.645.Bi.R.LLLL/FFFF Enquiries
 E4.80 / R4.8050 - 600150,175,200,250,300907.645.Bi.R.LLLL/FFFF Enquiries
 E4.112 / R4.11250 - 500200,250,300907.645.Bi.R.LLLL/FFFF Enquiries
 E4.56 / R4.56200 - 600350,400,450,500907.837.Bi.R.LLLL/FFFF Enquiries
 E4.80 / R4.80200 - 600350,400,450,500907.837.Bi.R.LLLL/FFFF Enquiries
 E4.112 / R4.112200 - 600350,400,450,500907.837.Bi.R.LLLL/FFFF Enquiries
 LLLL=Total length
FFFF=Field length (standard 2,000mm)
Possible for many further series (widths and radii), thanks to the modular system