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Safe on long travels

Energy supply system with aluminum guide trough for the crane system

In crane construction, energy supply systems frequently prove their technical and economic strengths. Flexibility, variability and a space-saving installation are only some of the most important criteria. In long travel distances, aluminum guide troughs are used, as they provide for a secure guidance under all circumstances. Energy supply systems are ideal for the crane systems and are frequently used. They have a series of technical and economic advantages. Contrary to conventional systems, the cable station is not applicable.

In a current project, a crane facility in a cement factory was equipped with made-to-measure energy supply systems for the fully automatic operation for the storage and removal from storage of clearing sludge. Proven and tested since 15 years in long travel distances with a high number of cycles, the chainflex® cables are added with braiding in bundles, abrasion-resistant, gusset-filling pressure extruded outer jacket suitable for heavy-duty applications, mounting brackets, strain reliefs, as well as installation materials. Aluminum guide troughs display their strengths in this project.

Crane system Following chainflex® cables are used: Motor cables, control cables, data cables as well as bus cables.
Guide-troughs system for long travels Guide-troughs system for long travels

Demands on the aluminum trough

The crane track has a length of 32 m. The trolley speed is at 60 m/min, the crane speed is at 80 m/min, and the lifting speed is at 60 m/min. The lift height amounts to 8 m. In the recycling crane, energy supply systems with aluminum troughs are used. The aluminum trough together with the energy chain is a component of the power supply system for the crane trolley and crane. It is a compact and space-saving system.

readychain® View from above of the complete system. The aluminum guide trough is maximum 12 mm wider on each side than the energy supply system.

Four parts quickly mounted

The basic package of the guide trough consists of just four parts: Trough wall, glide bar, clamping shoe and fastener. The trough wall made of extruded aluminum is light, nevertheless stable, resistant to sea water and also usable in tough environmental conditions. The glide bars are securely clipped on in an end-to-end lateral slot and are detachable again. The clamping shoe can be mounted inside or outside with a screw on the subsurface or on the fastening profile. A resilient plastic wedge ultimately dampens occurring impacts.

readychain® Aluminum guide trough is stable against force effects from all directions.

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