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Long-term test of a lubrication-free and maintenance-free toothed belt axis

Intermediate report from a running test:

In a long-term test, the wear of a drylin® E linear axis with motor is analysed.
In this test, a toothed belt axis of the
ZLW-1040 type and a stepper motor with installation size NEMA23 were used. The entire unit is free of lubrication and maintenance. The test simulates a moving stacker unit or a production plant that moves material.
The following parameters are used for the endurance test:

moved weight: 10kg

Speed: approx. 1m/s

Acceleration: approx. 3m/s²

Ambient temperature: 25°C

The axis is tested with a load of 10kg.

Intermediate result:

After more than 1,000,000 cycles, no visible wear is found. This corresponds to a travel distance of approx. 1,000km. The next evaluation will take place at 5,000,000 cycles, i.e. at 5,000km.

More information:

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