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... for inspiring applications with e-chains® …e-chain systems® with cables…

Modern polymer energy supply chains are the umbilical cord of mechanical engineering and automation These energy chains ensure the safe supply of energy, data, pulses and operating media and are always in motion. They can be used universally – on cranes, machine tools and robots, all the way to Hollywood.

Cable robot

This cable robot is used in automated high-bay shelving systems.

High-speed camera

Die Highspeed-Kamera „E-Liner CAM“ kann sich mitbis zu 23 Metern pro Sekunde parallel zum Testobjekt bewegen und wird dabei mitbis zu 750 m/s2 beschleunigt.

Punching and bending machine

igus® e-chains® of the type 2480 and 2500 are installed in this servo-controlled punching and bending machine RM-NC with innovative slide positioning unit.

Spotlight installation

This impressive spotlight installation was used on the South American tour of the Mexican singer Alejandro Fernandez.

Industrial machine

This machine was developed for the high-speed machining of large precision parts.

Working platform

This working platform is usually used for underground mining. Up to now, hoses and cables hung loosely from it, which meant they could get caught easily and become damaged.

Thickness measuring device

This device measures the thickness of films.

Production machine

This machine is used for processing metal parts.


No matter whether it‘s in the garden, on building sites or during a disaster operation: this compact floodlight will ensure sufficient illumination every time.

Lift bridge

The centre section of this bridge over the Piscataqua River between Portsmouth and Kittery in the USA can be raised and lowered using a lifting mechanism.

Multimedia cabinet

This multimedia cabinet with a height-adjustable monitor conceals lots of cables which used to simply hang out loose.

Rotational axis for robots

A solution suitable for series production was required for routing the supply line of servo-driven rotational axes on linear robots.

Rotary table

This rotary table for wireless access points rotates reliably without impairing signal reception.

Humidity measurement

This plant measures the humidity in technical textiles – without contact – at any point on the belts, which are up to 6 metres wide.


During the spectacular Festival of Lights in Lyon/France, several robots supported the impressive outdoor illuminations.

Wall bracket

This wall bracket allows the TV set to be swivelled through 120 degrees. Up to now, cables simply hung loosely and became tangled after several swivelling movements, causing the cables to break.

Measuring system

This measuring system is moved on a slide through pipes up to seven metres long.

Stripper in the sedimentation tank

The stripper in sedimentation tanks has an important function: It constantly moves backwards and forwards and filters solids out of the water, which is then forwarded for further treatment.

Labelling machine

This labelling machine takes labels from the stack, applies adhesive and then fixes the labels to the packaging.

Soldering machine

In this PCB soldering machine, igus® e-chains® ensure the reliable supply of current, nitrogen and oxygen.

Perfect guidance

The rotary collectors of this woodworking machine were extremely prone to malfunction in the past, and had to be renewed every six months due to damaged electric and hydraulic lines.

Paddle-wheel equipment

This paddle-wheel stacker is used for the intermediate storage of bauxite outdoors and can be moved linearly over a distance of around 330 metres horizontally

Transport system

This transport system is used in a coking plant.

Folding sliding blinds

These folding sliding blinds are motor-driven and thus automatically protect entire extensively glazed façades from sun radiation.

Cartesian manipulator

This Cartesian manipulator uses three mutually independent motors for measurements, each of which has to be supplied with current and data.


Twisted electric lines on the elevators and lifting platforms from this manufacturer permanently led to problems.

Drilling and piling machines

These drilling and piling machines are used in railway construction, for example, to set concrete piles for electric cables.

Concert hall

To avoid spoiling the impressive architectural appearance of the concert house in Aalborg/Denmark, the cables were to be routed as discreetly as possible from the distributor box to the lighting technology.

Park robot

Using this automatic parking system, the driver simply delivers his car at a handover station.

Handling facility

Cole is transported in this handling facility over a distance of 200 meters.

High frequency welding apparatus

This high-frequency welding apparatus moves in a working area of 8 x 2,5 metres and rotates about 360 degrees.

Production machine

This machine is used in the production lines of Bosch and Philips.

Polishing machine

This machine polishes the straight sides of stones and slabs made of granite or marble.

Bore vehicle

In this bore vehicle, there are up to 6 metres height difference between the mobile machine head and the hydraulic control.

Robot arm

This robot arm is part of an automatic assembling system.

Cartesian robot

This Cartesian robot is used for the production of concrete cavity walls.

Motion simulator

The MPI cyber motion simulator has been developed as an alternative to conventional motion simulators.

Sample collector

This machine automatically takes samples from a coal conveyor belt.

Rotary table

The energy chains used in this rotary table in a robot welding cell before were a long way from fulfilling their task:

The system operates very silent now.

This patient positioning and imaging system is used in the radiotherapy.


This penetrometer is used for soil analysys in the deep sea.

Industrial machine

In this industrial machine, the energy cables, data cables and air hoses have to be routed over several steps.

Production machine

This machine picks up packaging from a thermoforming machine and sets them down on a belt for further processing.

Edge-jointing unit

This machine connects a CNC machining centre with 5-axis technology to an edge-jointing unit, permitting new design options for furniture.

Production machine

This machine takes over core removal during the production of cast iron moulds.


The service boats of a wind farm operator are prepared for use at this pontoon in Barrow-in-Furness, Great Britain.

Testing device

This testing device is used to inspect and service transport and power cables made of steel.

Filling system

This positioning unit of a bottling plant operates continuously.

Lifting system

The lifting system "Spiralift" is used in theatres and concert halls all over the world to raise and lower parts of the stage, for example.

X-ray machine

This X-ray machine can be turned through 90 degrees and moved in a longitudinal direction on a slide.

Friction welding robot

Maximum precision is required for this friction welding robot.

Floating dock

This floating dock is used to build ports and port facilities.

Tide turbine

Tide turbines generate electricity from fast-flowing water.

Industrial robots

This robot can be used at numerous industrial workstations.

Mobile service points

These mobile service points can be disconnected extremely easily from the power and data cable.

Industrial robots

Presses can be loaded and unloaded as quick as a flash with this double solution. With the so-called "Twin Robot Xbar", two robots work in parallel and serve a total of ten axes.

Production machine

This machine separates metal sheets which are stacked on a lifting table.

Transfer table

This transfer table in the English harbour town of Felixstowe ensures that railway engines are moved quickly to the correct one of eight tracks.

Industrial robots

This machine automatically turns packs of ceramic tiles during palletizing in such a way that the information labels for further transport are visible

Laser machine

This high-tech laser machine is used for the production of modern jeans.

Production machine

The production machine saws, mills and punches aluminium sheets.

Coil crane

On this coil crane, the motor-driven cable drums required a lot of maintenance.

Production machine

This production machine processes collector pipes of up to 24 metres in length for boilers.

Welding tool

This laser welding tool is used in the production of solar collectors.


With this container crane, the pivoting movements often led to damage to the hydraulic pipes.

Process crane

In this process crane there was a number of required cables and less space available.


This vehicle was especially designed for the transport of windcraft wings.

Building machine

In this buiding machine, numerous cables need to be guided safely towards the moving parts.

Industrial robots

This robot ensures to transport components faster from one press to the other.

Vacuum band stacker

This vacuum band stacker is the last unit in a cut-to-length line for aluminium band of thicknesses 0.8 to 3 mm and stainless steel bend in thicknesses 0.5 to 5 mm.

Test station

This test station was developed to test linear drives with variable movements.

Plasma cutting machine

This plasma cutting machine cuts metal plates at maximum speed.

Industrial robots

This robot measures various small parts and performs a rotation about 300 degrees and a lift of 100 millimeters.


This hydraulic press punches holes into beams.

Security door

This security door resists almost everything and is even used in the car industry.


This footrest is used in trams.

Plasma cutting system

This plasma cutting system cuts plates on a length of 45 metres and a width of 4 metres.

Paint-spray line

In this paint-spray line, which was developed for small and medium-sized business in the automotive, railway, shipbuilding and construction industries, a robot guarantees perfect paint application.

Automated warehouse

This warehouse is loaded automatically.

Freezing cold solution

This shockfreezer defrosts automatically.

Production machine

This production machine applies silicon as a seal to casements.

Art installation

In this installation by the artist Ron Arad, an artificial hand „scratches“ pictures into a glass plate with a diamond ring.

Packaging machines

This packing machine automatically turns single bottles inside the packing into the desired position.


This robot moves very smooth.

Core sand mixing plant

This core sand mixing plant is extraordinary.


This robot is intended for space missions.

Lifting system

These lifting systems are used in the assembly line of Airbus Nantes.


You can ride on this overdimensional caterpillar.

Television studio

This construction is used in a TV studio to realize different stage designs within a very short time.


This crane transports billets with the help of a magnet traverse in a steelwork.

Galvanization facility

Six transport trolleys move material through the individual stations in this galvanization plant.

Industrial robots

This robot is used for palletizing in industrial productions.

Production machine

This production machine is used for the milling and turning of materials.

Firing range

Police and security forces as well as Olympic athletes train at this firing range.


There was only limited design space available for the new development of a drive for industrial trucks.

Feed unit

This plant serves a laser with ten frames.

More applications from different sectors can be found here

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