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gold vector...

World's longest travel

Conveyor unit of coal excavator

The winner of this year’s golden vector is also the longest travel ever to be realised with plastic energy chains in the world. The travel is 615 metres, and was designed in a power station belonging to the utility company CEZ Group in the Czech Republic. The “heavy-duty” roller energy chain system of the E4/4 series 5050RHD is installed on the conveyer unit of the large lignite excavator “Tušimice II”. The energy chain system with the robust chainflex® cables make a significant contribution to operational safety, since system downtimes caused by cable breakage, for example, have been reduced to zero. There are a further three energy chain systems from the E4/4 range with pre-harnessed chainflex® cables installed in the plant: series 4040 with 100 m travel and two roller energy chains 5050R with 318 m travel each. The systems are directly mounted on the excavator and safely supply energy, data and media.

CEZ Group, Power Plant Tušimice,
Czech Republic

World's longest travel World's longest travel
World's longest travel World's longest travel

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