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Our tree planting projects

The avoidance of CO2 emissions is an important concern for us, another is to help absorb existing CO2 emissions by increasing the area under tree cover. In the following we present our planting projects.

Map with marked reforestation site in Elazig

New trees for the Elazig region in Turkey

igus Turkey will be giving 1,000 trees to its customers and business partners in 2021. They will all receive a certificate with the details of the tree planted on behalf of their company. The first 290 seedlings were planted in March in a reforestation project in the Elazig region. "Thank you for the sensitive and well-planned campaign", "Excellent campaign, thanks and congratulations", "Thank you for the great campaign and the sensitive attitude towards the environment", are just a few of the many positive reactions we received after handing over the certificates.

Freshly planted trees in the Erzgebirge near Seiffen

Second tree-planting campaigns in Saxony

One year after the planting project near Leukersdorf, a further mixed forest is being created in the Erzgebirge, this time about 60km further east near the health resort Seiffen. The trees donated by igus are native and appropriate to the location, such as copper beech, English oak, sycamore and winter lime. On an area of 0.7 hectares, they will bind around 350 tonnes of CO2 in the next 50 years, creating a new habitat for many different species and a recreation area for people.

Trees planted in the Erzgebirge near Leukersdorf

The mixed forest near Leukersdorf is growing and thriving

The new forest is growing slowly, but steadily in Leukersdorf in the Saxon Erzgebirge. One and a half years after planting the seedlings, it now (autumn 2020) looks like the picture below.

3,000 trees planted in Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu

3,000 new trees in Mahabalipuram, India

Together with the Sankalp Taru Foundation, we have started a planting project that creates more biodiversity, more soil stability and a stable water table in the region around Mahabalipuram.
There are 3,000 saplings planted on 2 hectares of land - a total of 14 different species, including healing, fruit-bearing and shade-giving plants. Over the next 35 years, they can produce around 15,120 tonnes of oxygen, bind 2,520 tonnes of CO2 and filter 7,255,080,000 litres of water. Careful monitoring and maintenance of the plant locations ensures that over 95% of the seedlings survive.

Freshly planted trees in the Erzgebirge near Leukersdorf

New mixed forest near Leukersdorf in the Erzgebirge

In spring 2019, we planted a new mixed forest together with two school classes near the village of Leukersdorf, not far from Chemnitz. Now growing on an area of 0.65 hectares are 2,500 trees donated by igus, which include various native species such as oak, winter lime, red alder and larch. Over the next 50 years they will absorb around 325 tonnes of CO2.
In addition to protecting the atmosphere, the forest will in future provide new habitats for birds and insects and make an important contribution to flood protection.